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Published: Apr 26, 2017 6:10:33 AM
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Global Grind

Global Grind
Published: Apr 25, 2017 8:39:25 PM
The World According to Hip-Pop
  • Apr 25, 2017 8:38:58 PM
    If the name Jeremy Meeks doesn’t ring a bell, maybe his mug shot from 2014 will.   Yes, that guy. Nicknamed “Jail Bae,” Meeks had all of social media swooning when his mugshot from the Stockton Police Department went viral. Meeks was facing federal gun charges in California at the time. After serving his sentence in […]
  • Apr 25, 2017 7:29:17 PM
    Let’s face it — America is going through a pretty tough time these days. For groups like women, people of color and the LGBT community, it’s nearly impossible to not be aware of the conflict and injustices surrounding them. The turmoil happening in our nation has even forced Hollywood stars to speak out against the blatant […]
  • Apr 25, 2017 6:41:04 PM
    One of the downsides of social media is that everyone gets to blast their shady opinions to the world in a matter of seconds — but the upside is that you have the freedom to clap back. On Tuesday, John Wall did just that after he was criticized on Twitter by a reporter covering the Washington […]
  • Apr 25, 2017 5:35:53 PM
    Drake is a big sports fan. He’s especially in love with basketball and Twitter has the receipts: Drake loves basketball! — (@Ballislife) April 7, 2014 Now, the OVO founder can fully take on his passion via an awards ceremony. Drake announced on Twitter that he will be hosting the first annual NBA Awards […]
  • Apr 25, 2017 3:17:18 PM
    Jesse Williams‘ five-year marriage is coming to an end and it seems like the Grey’s Anatomy actor is trying to make it as painless as possible. In divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Jesse is requesting joint physical and legal custody of of his two kids. However, the divorce may not be that painless — rumors are […]
  • Apr 25, 2017 3:16:48 PM
    It’s a sad week for rapper and actor Xzibit. The Empire actor recently lost his father after what seems like a lengthy illness. Xzibit posted on Instagram on Tuesday, “This morning, my father passed away. I am in tears and my heart is heavy. I don’t have the words right now. Dad you are my […]
  • Apr 25, 2017 2:57:28 PM
    Talib Kweli has never been one to hold back when it comes to politics. In a recent run-in with TMZ reporters, the Brooklyn rapper gave his thoughts on President Trump’s first 100 days in office. “The bar is set way lower for White people,” the rapper said. Kweli continued, “Trump could be mediocre, he could […]
  • Apr 25, 2017 2:23:09 PM
    Many have taken Odell Beckham Jr.‘s dance moves, style, and carefree Black boy swag as a sign that he’s gay. Well, Amber Rose is here to clear the air: “I am 150% sure he is not gay!” According to, the model and media personality made her comments following recent speculation that she was romantically […]
  • Apr 25, 2017 2:18:11 PM
    Serena Williams is known as a real-life superwoman for various reasons, but her response to Illie Nastase‘s racist comments proved that she’s more magical than we thought. Serena and Alexis Ohanian have been overjoyed since announcing the news that they have a baby on the way. But former tennis pro Ilie Nastase spewed his negative energy […]
  • Apr 25, 2017 1:25:10 PM
    New video footage has emerged of Pacman Jones‘ recent arrest and his heated exchange with Cincinnati police. TMZ reports that cops had responded to a call at Cincinnati’s Hyatt Hotel when a security guard claimed Pacman had gotten physical with him. When police arrived, Jones was reportedly very combative. The bodycam footage shows the officer saying to […]