faithful to the original novel is now the first saber maid

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'Three Kingdoms' faithful to the original novel is now the first saber maid

large 3D real-time online Runescape 2007, Runescape and 'Three Kingdoms' to enter the Three Kingdoms stage. Three Kingdoms period, not only men can wear weapons, also recorded female saber in original novel Three Kingdoms Wu Shu in marriage, there have been under the command of Madame Sun 'sword hanging sword, Runescape and 'the maids. Runescape 3 and 'Three Kingdoms' female first joined Sabre, the faithful of the original while adding a unique battlefield landscape. Faithful to the original with the description of 'Three Kingdoms' to join Sabre maids 'Three Kingdoms', Zhou Yu Jingzhou want to use the honey trap recovers, only to end up in a 'lost his wife after bad' results. In this political marriage of the Three Kingdoms period in the name, Madame Sun Shangwu really eye-catching, runescape 07 gold not only the 'good of the military things,' but also to 'fencing for fun' hero Liu Bei was scared as Madame Sun's saber maids' wits  'Three Kingdoms' in accordance with the original description, join female soldiers in the battle of the story, though it is female, the strength should not be underestimated, not only has the skill brisk, but the attack speed is one of the eagerly pawns, let me see if you can overcome these roots razor. And women, maids fighting female squad Shangxiang Three Kingdoms series replica Wu Wei, Shu and understand the way of forming a tripartite separatism 'Three Kingdoms' With copy of the old school runescape as a carrier and manifestations, faithful reproduction of the original novel plot story. The development stage in the old school runescape story, Runescape and 'Three Kingdoms' series has produced a copy of a detailed description of each of the three major battles separatist.


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