The big news for FIFA solo players

  • Posted by kiki prom
  • October 26, 2016 10:19 PM PDT

The big news for fifa 17 coins solo players this year is the inclusion of a story mode, which I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical about. But, to my surprise, The Journey—which immediately brings to mind a tragic X-Factor contestant montage underscored by Coldplay—is good. You guide plucky young phenom Alex Hunter from his under-11 cup final to the highs of a career in the Premier League. Through dialogue choices you forge his personality, negotiating personal difficulties, footballing trials, loan spells and other career-defining moments. It’s a very welcome additional way to play.

fifa 17 ultimate team coins will remain everybody’s mode of choice, though—not least EA’s. Here, the act of converting kids’ pocket money into a massive mountain of gold has been refined to an artform. The volume of trading in the marketplace for players reflects a gaming economy that is probably now worth more than Paul Pogba to the publisher.

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