Buy Custom Lapel Pins from a Renowned Designer and Manufacturer

  • Posted by Frank Curtis
  • December 3, 2016 4:49 AM PST
Max Lapel pins is a leading company that manufactures and supplies a wide range of Flag Day pins, custom lapel pins andso forth.

When people see a lapel pin attached on a jacket or uniform, they wonder about the awards and accolades the recipient has won. Custom lapel pins distinguish a person from the rest by representing his achievements in the best possible way. Lapel pins give a highly versatile and professional look. But these pins are not limited to employee recognition only; they are also used for product branding, promoting events or products, support a team, trade shows, conventions and so on.

But before you choose to order bulk of custom lapel pins, you must know their importance varying according to the occasion-

• Soft enamel pin is fit for a king on a budget. Due to its colorful 3-dimensional appearance, durability and vibrant appearance, it’s the most popular and commonly used lapel pin.

• Hard enamel pins are quite similar to soft enamel, but distinctively separate. Due to its tempering process, it become crisp having smooth finish that makes them sturdy to embody any minute details.

• Photograph can be incorporated in pins and plenty of design stocks are there for it.

• Magnets, screws or safety pins can also be used instead of the pointed bit of metal to affix the pin.

Max lapel pins are the renowned and reliable manufacturers of custom lapel pins delivering exciting styles with quality materials. Their team comprises of the best graphic artists and works on variety of designs to create customized pins. They have plethora of lapel pins styles including soft enamel lapel, die struck, offset printed, silk screen, trading pins and cloisonné lapel pins. You can also avail 20% discount on bulk purchase order. Their services include free quote and artwork request by filling the form on their website by requesting the design or attaching image of your design with item layout instructions. Apart from lapel pins, they also fabricate challenge coins, medallions, lanyards, batches, patches, cufflinks, buttons, and bottle openers.

About Max Lapel pins

Max Lapel pins is a leading company that manufactures and supplies a wide range of Flag Day pins, custom lapel pins, badges, medallions, employee recognition pins, trading pins, badges, challenge coins, lanyards, patches, ribbons and so forth. For more details, visit