Firefighter Challenge Coins

  • Posted by Frank Curtis
  • December 12, 2016 5:19 AM PST

Firefighter Challenge Coins: For Honoring our Brave Firefighters


Whenever we hear incidents of any major fire mishap, your heart starts to sink down with sorrow until you read further about the audacity of the firefighters who saved others’ lives by risking their own. Such ‘Supermen’ are the real life heroes and they surely deserve all the respect and recognition for their selfless service towards the society. Awarding challenge coins to such brave men has been one of the most followed and dignified practice. Such custom challenge coins provide a feeling of recognition and belongingness among the firefighters.

Firefighter Challenge Coins is a leading manufacturer and seller of unique and elegant challenge coins. Apart from gifting them as a token of their brave efforts, such coins are also given as a memento to remember a fire department visit. They employ creative designers who can perfectly emboss your emblem or insignia which can be easily identified from a considerable distance. You can choose your own dyes for the coins from a variety of available options. They ensure requisite heating of the dye which prevents the color from fading under any situation.

Fascinating clay sculpting work is carried out on such coins which would never fail to amaze you. These coins are made of metals like Brass, Copper, Nickel, Gold and Silver. Some of their most demanded symbols are Saint Florien, Star of life, Fire trucks etc. These Firefighter Challenge Coins are presented in a small box which has a metal plate naming the one to whom it is being presented. Higher number of such coins boosts up the morale and confidence among the firefighters. Also, these coins are fire resistant which would give firefighters a feeling of confidence and recognition while they are on their job.

The whole procedure begins with your enquiry order. In a very short period, you’ll be responded by their team with a graphic design of how your coins would look like and the pricing details. Other than producing custom made Fire Department Challenge Coins, they also manufacture bottle openers, medallions and dog tags in various sizes and edgy style. Also, they have a speedy delivery process which won’t take longer than 10 days. It’s time to show our gratitude towards the firefighters by such noble gesture. For more details, you may log on to