SocialEngine Article Plugin

$80 / license
Current Version: 
v4.19 for SEv4 
v3.33 for SEv3

This plugin allows your social network users to post and share articles, attach photos, comments. User can save article as draft and publish article later. Admin can also make article featured / sponsored to promote interesting articles. Articles can be put in category and tagged for easy searching, and organization. Fully support customizable additional fields with searching capability.

Key Features

  • Widgetized Article Landing Home Page (built with article widgets using Layout Editor)
  • Widgetized Article Browse Page (built with article widgets using Layout Editor)
  • Widgetized Article Profile Page (built with article widgets using Layout Editor)
  • Widgetized Popular Article's Tags page (built with article widgets using Layout Editor)
  • Massive built-in widgets allows to you customize pages per your liking
  • Support sub-categories
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Ability to upload photos directly from computer and embed in article body using built-in editor
  • Customizable additional article's questions / fields
  • Built-in article's photo album / gallery
  • Powerful browse, search, sorting articles
  • Featured / Sponsored articles displayed in slideshow / ticker
  • Granularity permission settings
  • Tagging and popular tag cloud
  • Optional admin approval process
  • Pre-Sorting setting allow Featured / Sponsored articles with higher ranking
  • many more ..

Article - General Widgets

Below are built-in article widgets with a lot of configuration options / settings allowing you to customize the article home pagebrowse articles pagepopular article tagsmanage (my) article page and other custom pages via Layout Editor anyway you like.

  • List Articles: Displays a list of posted articles with different filtering options (can be used to build variety of article listings such as Recent Articles, Most Commented by XYZ user with specified category etc..)
    • Title Header
    • Max Article Entry (control number of articles to be displayed)
    • Sorting (varieties of ordering, such as date posted, alphabet, most voted/commented/viewed/clicked etc..)
    • Time Period (limit articles submitted within defined period, such as 24 hours, weekly, monthly etc..)
    • User (limit articles created by specific user)
    • Keywords (limit articles match certain keywords)
    • Category (show only articles belong to selected category)
    • Featured (only show featured articles)
    • Sponsored (only show sponsored articles)
    • Display Style (wide mode for main column, narrow mode for left/right side columns)
    • Display Output (control what to show: photo, details, meta, description)
  • Profile Articles: Displays a member's articles on their profile. It also supports displaying articles that are created by specific page/subject owner, example: when use this widget on Group Profile page, and config User=OWNER mode, it would shows articles created by the group owner. If you set User=VIEWER mode, then the widget will displays articles created by current logged in member.
    • Support many settings / parameters similar to List Articles widget above
  • Browse Articles: display article listing result on Article Browse Page
    • Max Article Entry (control number of articles to be displayed per page)
  • Browse Articles - Member: Displays member info of current listing member's articles on Browse Articles page