ezTalks first cloud conference smart hardware debut 2016 cloudy convention

  • Posted by Sam Wonder
  • May 11, 2017 1:12 AM PDT
ezTalks is the world's leading online video conferencing provider that enables you to connect with people anywhere and anytime. Integrated with HD video conferencing, audio conferencing, screen sharing, content sharing, remote control and other powerful features, it can be widely applied to all industries

ezTalks first cloud conference smart hardware debut 2016 cloudy convention

The annual event will be held in Hangzhou today. The content of this conference will be doubled from last year. More than 400 keynote speeches will cover 20 areas, including electricity, technology, multimedia, Internet + and so on. Million square meters of innovative exhibition experience area and the top technology at home and abroad have also appeared. As a leading brand in the field of cloud video conferencing, ezTalks was also invited to participate in this event, and at the meeting released the first cloud conference intelligent hardware, attracted the media and the user's attention.

As a new Internet cloud video conferencing products, ezTalks integrated cloud conference terminal (Onion Mini) release that is announced "0 yuan purchase, hardware free", users do not need to buy complex and expensive traditional video conferencing MCU server, without leasing dedicated cable , No professional IT staff to manage and maintain, only 299 yuan per month, you can through the Internet for high-definition remote video conferencing.
EzTalks integrated cloud conference terminal in the ease of use, experience and other aspects of a revolutionary innovation, allowing users to complete the installation within 1 minute deployment, then access the Internet, you can use, held a video conference as simple as calling, human Of the operation, the elderly and children can easily use. EzTalks integrated cloud conference terminal with a unique combination of six-in-one design, the "camera, codecs, microphones, speakers, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and bracket" independent and perfect integration into one, to create a new cloud conference Intelligent hardware, for small and medium-sized conference rooms and individuals to provide the best choice for video communication, SME video conferencing is the first choice.

Speaking of this new product, Mr. ezTalks CEO Hou Gang said: "The current video conference in the small and medium-sized conference room penetration rate of less than 5%, the market capacity is huge, compared to traditional video conferencing products costly, the deployment of complex pain points, cheap ezTalks Onion is an innovative cloud video conferencing terminal, adhering to the user experience as the center of the core concept, the integration of design, high-definition audio and video effects, easy to use, easy to use, easy to use, Cost-effective, perfect to meet the small and medium-sized conference rooms and remote video conferencing collaboration needs, ezTalks cloud conference intelligent hardware release, is a traditional hardware video conferencing innovation revolution, ezTalks to make video collaboration connected to each office, the real help enterprises continue Improve the efficiency of remote office ".

IDC predicts that China's online conference market will continue to maintain rapid growth in the next five years, with a compound annual growth rate of 26% for 2015-2020, and Cui Kai, research manager at IDC China Telecom, said: cloud, And the ability to open, will be the video conference market four major development direction. Cloud "video" will become a number of information services in the system of a capacity, can be invoked at any time by the application, the future growth space will be much higher than the traditional hardware video conferencing. With the deepening development of ICT (information and communication convergence technology), cloud video conferencing products have become increasingly prominent in socialization, cloud conference applications and workflow management, project collaboration, knowledge management, e-mail, instant messaging, file sharing, social networking Software and other enterprise information technology integration continues to increase. In the future, cloud video conferencing applications will be more richer.

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