Primary cause of schizophrenia by more than gang f

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    Yulin News newspaper on April 7 , Hengshan county towns fourth in the sixth grade students in boarding boats (a pseudonym ) was in bed by fluids and , twisting his body kept , murmuring . According to the parents of the children were in school more than once beaten , by the stimulation .

    school notify the parents

    child something wrong

    children tell their parents

    were three people in a dormitory fight </ p >

    boats , according to his father talk about : his son to see me, then mentally than it is now clear . He told me , was a man in his quarters, suddenly three people , the money will come . Son said no money , he was pulled to the wall to force money , I beat you to see the baby ran downstairs , the stairs had been kicked in the kicks , his face hit a few ears . After his son went to the playground , a baby should continue to play , a school cafeteria chef was shouting away.

    teacher said

    just listen to the children that stuffy head

    school principals said

    I do not know this things


    baby irritation caused by schizophrenia


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