JNU girls were dropped from the 11th floor , said

  • teachers, students care about her very moving, the most anticipated is the ability to completely cure, early return to school,

    Mother: After this off children stronger

    in a short dialogue, Fang repeatedly referred to her mother, said to have her companionship with me, given that they are great encouragement.

    in the eyes of her mother, Fang has been a bit brave and optimistic about the child, Fang a test, the hurdle in the future she will be stronger self-reliance.

    According to Fang mother said her daughter's illness has been basically stable, a few days will go to Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital,polo ralph lauren discount, Huashan Hospital last surgery, and that .

    doctors: the moment does not affect fertility

    , Zhongshan Hospital Road, Zhang Cai, director of joint surgery, said yesterday, Fang admission is systemic fractures, and bleeding shock, the most serious pelvis injury fall almost shapeless, but there are many large-scale systemic bleeding, pelvis can be a maximum of 2000 ml of blood.

    According to reports, a total of Fang Hospital conducted three major surgery to repair a severe fracture of more than a dozen at present, all the basic trauma treatment has been completed. injury, so doctors planned to stay in the final deal, will get a leg Fang long peroneal nerve, and the rest of the radial nerve, and even up after surgery to restore to the original 60% to 70% of the features. Fang of the surgery is going to Shanghai to do the last surgery.

    If you can immediately to Shanghai after the surgery, no recovery for three months, you can go back to school next semester Fang to class.

    The Fang for the cost of treatment occurred in Guangzhou, the hospital will be the first burden, to be coordinated with the school after the completion of settlement.

    JNU: Fang will certainly compensate

    Zhong Qi said, the first university campus is an open place, unless specific institutions, foreign workers are free to out of; Furthermore, the University for its campus order, security management responsibilities, and general management responsibility for the unit is considerable, even more than the latter, only bears responsibility for general management; Finally, the event actually falls female students are criminals choose crime as an object, before their criminal behavior is normal, the University has not found the possibility in advance. Therefore, if the Fang way claims through negotiation, the school can refuse compensation. If Fang filed for court, the university should bear the legal responsibility under the principle of fairness, to make appropriate compensation.

    Jinan University official said yesterday that the school's attitude is very clear, good problem to determine the details of compensation, to be fully recovered Fang, will begin the issue of compensation. The source said the issue of compensation will be family members of patients, schools, insurance companies, three seminars, talks out of a joint so that everyone can accept the amount.


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