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    hospitalized after a car accident more than ten years posthumously gauze

    According to the court investigation, at 9:30 on October 20, 1996 points,coach online outlet, Qingxin Heyunzhen six villagers Xiemou Hua Tian village abdominal injuries caused by car accident in a hospital stay Qingxin, was diagnosed as abdominal injuries, the hospital immediately Xie Mouhua for splenectomy, stomach, small intestine rupture repair surgery, on October 31, 1996 discharged.

    2009 年 5 4,coach outlet store, Xie Mouhua no significant incentive to the left upper quadrant and epigastric pain, were treated no better.

    On May 24, Xie Mouhua to Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, First Affiliated hospital, the hospital for laparotomy, confirmed intra-abdominal inflammatory mass, then the implementation of foreign body granuloma, jejunum part of the surgery, removal of the small intestine 60cm, 6 月 19 was discharged. After the surgery out of the mass, we found a left intra-abdominal gauze piece. After the incident, several media have to

    2009 年 7 月 7, mediation by Qingxin Health Organization, the defendant paid in advance Xiemou Hua Hospital in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, First Affiliated Hospital during treatment of the total cost of 52,215 yuan.

    other compensation due to the cost of the two sides failed to reach consensus,Coach Handbags, Xie Mouhua then on September 7, 2009 together with four relatives filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for lost income, hospital re-charge,coach outlet store online, is dependent for living expenses, other items of a total of 846,coach store outlet,427.68 yuan in emotional.


    identified as medical hospitals compensation

    during the trial, the defendant hospital to pay 10,000 yuan Xie Mouhua thoroughly as the living expenses and other expenses, and said out of humanitarian concern, is willing to court the amount of compensation, the separate grants Xie Mouhua 30,coach purses,000 yuan.

    court pursuant to the parties of the application, commission will Xiemou Hua Guangdong Medical Medical Malpractice Medical Records for the analysis will be organizing groups of experts: the hospital in the process of diagnosis and treatment of patients with Xiemou Hua there is no violation of health management laws, administrative regulations and departmental rules and regulations of the behavior clinic, but there is a violation of clinics, nursing standards, conventional fault: the abdominal cavity caused by foreign bodies in patients with secondary gauze surgical partial resection of the small intestine, the medical side of the illegal acts of negligence consequences of the damage and patients have a direct causal relationship, the patient is not currently engaged in heavy manual labor, with the first surgical removal of the spleen rupture.

    Medical Association, Guangdong Province, on June 22 last year to Medical Malpractice books, determined that this case is three small incidents such as the medical side bear full responsibility.

    the defendant to fulfill the obligation of reparation

    court, after hearing that the citizens have the right to life and health of citizens, legal persons fault invasive of another property, the person shall bear civil liability. The defendant hospital in the process of diagnosis and treatment of patients with Xiemou Hua violation of the clinics, nursing standards, conventional fault, such as composition of three small incidents to deal with accidents due to the damage caused to bear the corresponding liability.