{copy|duplicate} the font to C

  • I have in XP, cannot be put in fonts to come across the post online , I can proper by making use of this strategy to setup hope on right here to others. In the xp system , it might be a lot of pals encountered this sort of a situation : To set up fonts, copy the font to C: WINDOWS Fonts , no should really pop up the Copied into the folder too since the font isn't accessible ,Windows 7 Home Basic, C: WINDOWS Fonts beneath the File menu , no Unfortunately,Office Standard 2007 Key, I also encountered these kinds of a scenario some time ago , the very first reaction would be to google and baidu. But the lookup results are both 98 solution, or is reinstall the program , which can be naturally too much difficulty , the former under the proposed 98 desktop.ini file inside the xp system font folder is not found below . Second I can not be believed, is preparing to reinstall the program, a flash , and lastly found the greatest answer: the C: WINDOWS Fonts folder,Office 2007 Key, develop a file subsequent Use Notepad to open , enter the following ( without the quotation marks ):. Perfect answer to this difficulty . Principle : xp program 's C: WINDOWS Fonts folder can be a instead special ,Windows 7 Home Basic, even when the Equipment - Folder Selections may be noticed in all the files selected , this folder the subsequent configuration file . ini Thus, when dealing with the challenge did not expect this configuration file is lacking . And numerous pals in the optimization system ,Microsoft Office 2010 Key, it tends to research all of the desktop.ini and then deleted, accidentally deleted the file cause the font can't be installed . Despite the fact that the last solution is pretty effortless, but the direction from commence to feel to resolve , we fairly bother . As the eggs setup the first tale. I hope this will give friends encountering this issue some help .