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  • Vista Residence (www.vista123.com): development of third-party payment immediately after the brutal mass consolidation

    9 1st is Services This indicates that third-party payment, not only in compliance permit software will experience a big check groups, but also indicates the payment industry inside the upgrade, while facing a expanding after many years of brutal collective consolidation.

    electronic payment encounter a reshuffle

    reshuffle may be the 1st to expertise the pure type of payment gateway organization.

    Miandui latest third-party payment industry's two significant events - was originally conceived and interoperability in between industrial banking institutions cannot have a fantastic romantic relationship, pure sort of payment gateway home business to perform to achieve it really is opened up and also the interface between the banking institutions stability sheet data interoperability,Windows 7 Key, and using the involvement of CUP and diverse business financial institutions, the gradual creating of over the internet banking, pure kind of electronic payment gateway corporations have the advantage has gone, YeePay CEO Bin Tang agreed with this particular statement, he believed the payment gateway mode is similar to Many electronic payment provider within the past between pure technologies and banking solutions, gateway access, this mode of payment gateway inducing severe market homogeneity, leading to significant and modest organizations frequently spend a cost war.

    the pure kind of payment gateway firms won't have one of a kind benefits, for such enterprises, or to be acquired, from the historical stage, or restructuring,Windows 7 Home Basic 64, the market has fantastic prospective for value-added solutions.

    business cultivating possible

    value-added solutions, limitless area

    is usually said which the third party payment in ten years time, for the popularization and development of electronic commerce, and even market the conventional economy to green innovation-based economic climate, in both playing an more and more significant role. China's economic structure adjustment and change the common trend of financial growth, coupled with the national

    business analysts Analysys Global said in the previous decade, China's World wide web market has finished its personal system of China has completed well in its historic function of data enlightenment. Inside the subsequent decade, new technological innovation makes the world wide web and enterprise programs of data technologies and conventional industries into each other, industrial integration, standard industries are going to be the source in the information and facts revolution and core programs, dazzling, attractive, and even now seems to be a little & ldquo ; classic

    YeePay CEO Bin Tang said,Microsoft Office Standard 2010 Key, was when we saw ; for your positioning of the independent third-party payment platform - YeePay. And YeePay also locate close to established the same year, on line banking on the net, quick money and other payment platform.

    third party payment pay the exam registration fees. IResearch monitoring information show that in 2010 a quarter of Internet users entry to the online payment service has been stable at 800 million times each quarter. Size from the transaction,Windows 7 Home Premium Keygen, it really is rapidly expanding. Analysys Worldwide in February 2010 released statistics show that third-party payment transactions in China in 2009 reached 580.84 billion yuan of scale; 2010 a quarter of domestic third-party payment of 208.16 billion yuan marketplace scale. The third party payment within the fastest expanding on line payment, it's gratifying advancement in the situation. IResearch data show that a quarter of China's on-line payment marketplace offer size reached 212.1 billion yuan, up 17.8% of the chain,Cheap Windows 7 Starter, rose 93.5%.

    the expansion of 3rd party payments as quickly spawned PayPal, Alipay, TenPay, YeePay, quick money, to spend a hundred Po, Netease Po, IPS, remittance and other planet family of third-party payment products firms. As of July 2009, the largest marketplace share Alipay has extra than 200 million users, daily trading volume of 1.2 billion.

    relevant agencies to preliminary estimates, 2012, third-party payment marketplace size expected to reach 1.2 trillion yuan. With the immense size of the market and decent prospects for development, third-party payment has gradually infiltrated into the production and life, develop into an crucial element of the national economic climate.

    central bank supervision and the introduction

    watershed within the early payment business

    2010 年 6 21, the People's Bank of China promulgated the requirements: to provide payment solutions to economic establishments, according to these provisions should or disguised payments inside the company

    new regulations inside the formal implementation of September 1, the reporter who interviewed the relevant 3rd celebration payment corporations, the responsible person said which the team is currently responsible for the organization of specialized applications for permits to submit material, there are some enterprises that still waiting for your introduction in the latest rules.

    YeePay is which the application for a license is undoubtedly certainly one of the important providers inside the second half, the central bank is still waiting for further specific application procedures. And, the central bank had asked last year to finish by the end of July 2009 for domestic third-party payment businesses and other non-registration of economical institutions, and since then YeePay started preparations for licensing applications.

    industry experts point out the With the advent of open time in the application, the Therefore, the so-called For such YeePay, Paypal, money to spend companies to pay Qualcomm, and other well-known, the fixed target should not be a problem. But for some relatively modest, relatively non-standard business enterprises, will experience a reshuffle as well as out.

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