Windows XP

  • October 18 , according to a safety organization noted late Monday , a simultaneous impact on Microsoft's Media Player (Windows Media Player) along with the IE browser's

    According to eEye Digital Safety Enterprise (eEye Digital Security) launched a safety advisory , the vulnerability is in Windows Media Player and IE the default installation program discovered the code could allow black Remote manage.

    The vulnerability exists within the set up with the SP1 and SP2,Office Ultimate 2007 Keygen, Windows XP, Windows NT ,Buy Office Professional 2007, and many variations of Windows 2000 methods .

    eEye Digital Security , a enterprise representative said that while the Corporation believes that this loophole won't be worm attacks, but because with the vulnerability could permit remote code hackers to control and influence inside the Media Player and IE The default installation of the environment ,Office Professional Plus, so the corporation rated it

    A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed the company received the eEye Digital Safety notified the business ,Office Professional 2010, but he said that as the particulars of the vulnerability isn't public, it has not but found the vulnerability to assault by the events Occurred.

    The spokesman also said the Microsoft Safety Response Middle is nonetheless to study this report .

    Just a number of days back , Microsoft released a security bulletin that it issued final week four protection patches ,windows 7 Professional product key, there's a security patch predicament : It could possibly make the user can't access their Computer methods.

    eEye Digital Security Inc. said that freshly found vulnerabilities and patches released last week were not associated with any 1 .