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  • On the day Facebook is expected to throw its hat into the crowded and competitive e-mail ring,Office Home And Student 2010, it;s really worth noting what the existing landscape seems to be not too long ago published stats on e-mail marketplace share,Office 2007 Professional Plus Key, according to U.S. Web people; engagement with web-based email customers.Who;s the biggest of them all? It;s Yahoo. And No. 2 is Microsoft with Hotmail.From a November 11 publish on the website (which I saw via Liveside.Net):“Determined by unique visitors from the US IBP (net browsing population),Office 2010 Key, Gmail doesn’t even hold a candle to Hotmail (94% larger than Gmail) and Yahoo Mail (190% larger). Gmail’s buzz is obviously much larger than it’s bite.”It;s interesting to see many press and bloggers claim that Facebook;s main target with its expected e-mail entry is Gmail (a distant number three in Compete;s stats). It;s also interesting to consider how the Hotmail team views the increasing cooperation between Facebook and Microsoft — especially if Facebook does end up announcing today that it will be offering Facebook e-mail clients the ability to view and edit Microsoft Office Web Apps documents from inside their inbox. That;s a capability that is currently offered only by way of Hotmail.Update: Yes,Genuine Windows 7 Enterprise, Office Internet App integration is part of the new Facebook e-mail (that Facebook officials say isn;t email.)In my most recent monthly column at Redmond Magazine,Office 2010 Serial Number, I noted that there;s a tug-of-war happening inside Microsoft. On one side are those who believe that making Microsoft products and services available on as many platforms as possible is the way to win. On the other are those who believe that software and services are the company;s best assets and should be treated as incentives for Microsoft-centric users. Office Internet Apps inbox integration is a prime example of this battleground.Stay tuned for an update on what Facebook actually does announce later today….Related reading: E-mail mania: Why does everyone want to be your inbox?