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  • Vista Dwelling Communication will give Nvidia nForce series chipsets - ION2 many years detailed

    reported prior to the introduction of DMI NVIDIA chipset canceled designs to give up in Intel desktop chipset developments, coincidentally, NVIDIA also inside the AMD platform chipsets might be no new merchandise appear. Fudzilla NVIDIA chipset from senior Drew Henry in the department for data, according to Henry, stated inside the CPU enterprise, AMD is currently appear a mess, is at this stage for the ongoing advancement of NVIDIA AMD platform chipset is really unwise, in reality position, the improvement in this particular location is tricky to generate enough capital.

    a outcome, NVIDIA essentially gave up on Intel and AMD camps chipset organization desktop platform, and then is reduce costs, concentrate on development of ION, however the greatest pressure organic or Intel, the very first era of Atom processors will soon be discontinued, and Intel a new era of Pine Trail-M (Netbook) and Pine Trail-D (Nettop) platform will probably be introduced.

    the same time, based on Nvidia's latest program exhibits, Ion2 chipset platform will carry on to market later this yr Still, the platform for the Ion2 is not only the net but also consists of Intel's CULV notebook platform. Ion2 management and improvement team might be ready to verify the said Ion2 assistance, which includes Atom, Intel CULV platform can support as the core with the Celeron, Core 2 Duo, Pentium Core two Duo processor and Through Nano processors. Yet, simply because the chip is limited by licensing restrictions, this platform can not assistance the integrated memory controller,Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007, based on the Nehalem architecture Core i3/i5/i7.

    addition Ion2 prior rumors also stated the efficiency compared to Ion will be much enhanced, and the integrated graphics core within the renderer will double the amount to 32. Also rumored Ion2 chip 40nm method technology are going to be utilized creation, energy use and chip measurement will even decrease.

    But Nvidia hasn't yet announced specific goods using Ion2 platform design and manufacturer title. towards the current situation, Acer, HP, Lenovo and Samsung, the increased utilization of the internet platform for the Ion, the other Apple and Dell, two companies inside the previous may be to use their own laptops Geforce 9400M graphics card. and this Ion2 turn will little doubt transfer CULV platform for them to entice alot more shoppers.

    Vista Home (), really like the world wide web, fell in really like with


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