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    Nanyang today reported yesterday to 14,coach outlet store online, the 30-year-old Li Bin pushed the operating room a second surgery, and surgery two years ago, like how much she wants Chen Fu Shan's husband to appear and sign on in the name of a single operation. But the reality is that she is pregnant after suffering from serious illness,coach outlet stores, her husband was

    wife suffering from pregnancy-induced hypertension fetal death in the womb

    Wu Li Bin is Tongbai County town city village towards the end of 2006, brokered by an acquaintance, she married Wu town Zheng Chen Fu Shan Village,Coach Handbags, married couple's life was very happy.

    Li Miliband, his body is not unusual marriage, but since the pregnancy, the body every day, In August 2007,coach outlet online, eight months pregnant when Li Binhuai dead fetus in the womb, Chen Fu Shan to accompany her to the county hospital Tongbai surgery, postoperative blood pressure has been unstable.

    Since then, Li Bin was diagnosed with hypertension and osteoporosis, not only lost the ability to work, even walking very difficult. The spring of 2008, Chen Fu-shan divorce on the grounds that, Li Bin, a terminal illness, while he was an only child, Chen must not be extinct. After receiving the complaint the court that Li Bin was ill, not divorce.

    failed to divorce her husband playing .

    2008 December, Li Bin, eventually found the cause - adrenal tumor, the year in Nanyang city hospital for surgical removal, treatment of spent 20,000 yuan, after a good recovery. Li Bin's mother Xuchang Rong Fu Shan Chen hopes to take her daughter back to live well, or put out her daughter's surgery, the two sides to the divorce court. For these conditions, migrant workers,coach outlet store, Chen Fu, was not accepted, but not all day dodging the family face to face and Li Bin.

    May 28 this year, because of other complications, Li Bin,Coach Bags, once again admitted to the Central Hospital of Nanyang, yesterday afternoon received a second operation. Xuchang Rong said that the disease is good after her daughter, she was ready to pay the court Mr Hill reported that he abandoned.

    this, Henan Meixi law firm Gutian Tao counsel, between husband and wife have the obligation to support each other, one illness, the spouse should be economically and in life actively provide support. Li Bin in the marital relationship during the existence of disease hospitalization, Chen Fu Shan as the husband should take the appropriate support obligations.