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  • Jinan Hengtong taxi company I was a male driver, 50 years old. A few days ago at noon when the car that met a very strange thing. I was in the calendar to eat lunch near the mountain, the car stopped on the roadside, just finished eating in front of cars ready to go when the car door, a 30-year-old woman asked me, do not go away,coach outlet online, I say go,Coach Bags, she on the bus.

    Yi Shangche she smiled at me, but I did not think about, and asked her where to go, she told me to go QuanCheng, I put down the empty clasp. Car went about five minutes, she has helped break up the empty table, I asked her in the end is very strange to go where, she said road to travel with her play. I said I did not have time, can not ride with her everywhere. Then she gave me explain what she meant, I then react, she and I do it this way, she kind of thing. I was refused, but she has been pestering me. I can not drive her off, she complained again even I can not tell the.

    was also thought of the police, but I have no evidence, or their own to solve it. After about 15 minutes, then drink beverages woman suddenly said, I hurried off to buy her a drink, buy back, once again I mean,Coach Handbags, that I really had no time to accompany you, I do not want you car money, you take your drink quickly go, do not waste time on this. Then she took the drink, did not say anything to get off to go.

    ago my colleagues and I were chatting,coach outlet store, listening to colleagues that they have encountered such a situation, they even come across on their hands and feet of the female passengers, I was still feel weird, but who know that it soon had to happen to me. After the taxi driver who may really want to leave God, but to really encounter this kind of thing is do not panic, attitudes must be firm, not to give them a little hope, and then think of ways to get rid of them.

    people Correspondent Mr. Soong intern reporter Zhang Mengyao Wang Di

    ■ official moves

    first recording of evidence

    off for such a situation Ms. Sun management office staff recommendations, taxi drivers can be recorded using a mobile phone evidence and then select the alarm,coach outlet stores, the alarm if you do not want to, you can directly request the passengers to alight. Zhang Jinan Public Transport sixth police station, he suggested that taxi drivers face harassment, be sure to leave evidence,coach outlet store online, particularly the harassment of female passengers, male drivers, mostly verbal, so be sure to use the phone recorded as evidence. Leave the investigation and evidence will help us deal with the problem.

    intern reporter Zhang Mengyao Wang Di