Liaoning two villagers burning speed caused 12 veh

  • over, back to the car and hit. At 12:45 on April 8,coach outlet store, 2010, in the direction of Shenyang,Coach Bags, Beijing-Shenyang highway at 621 km,coach outlet online, occurred due to burning vehicle smoke enveloped the road caused a chain collision.

    Witnesses said that winds were seventy-eight highway road was completely shrouded in smoke on the road all over the crushed glass and blood. The relevant survey found that: The incident caused 12 vehicles collided straight, killing three people were killed and seven people were injured and property losses amounting to 200 million yuan. Clearly, the accident was due to the highway south of the farmers in the fields burning, wind ignited the bushes on the road protecting the base cause a large area of ​​smoke, the highway visibility caused a substantial decline.

    night of the incident, police found a court disaster of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, four sets of Wang Village, town and village Song Wang. Song Wang and his wife had to prepare for the spring fire burning in their own contracted land. That day happens to the wind, burning corn stalks through the wind get tired,coach outlet store online, quickly spread to the nearby highway. For a time, a few highway lanes are billowing smoke enveloped. Two things were quickly discovered and fled the scene.

    Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Court held that the Song,Coach Handbags, Wang contracted land near the highway within the burning, because of negligent care caused by fire, smoke led to the highway blurred, resulting in 12 vehicles collision and three people were killed and seven injured vicious traffic accidents, constitute negligence to the crime of endangering public safety. From the field situation, Song responsibility even greater. Can be brought to justice after they confessed, a good attitude,coach outlet stores, and Department of first-time offenders can be punished more leniently. To this end were sentenced Song, Wang 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years.

    verdicts, the Song to the heavy sentence on the grounds of appeal. Shenyang Intermediate People's Court that the verdict had their sentences, the trial in which the penalty is not inappropriate, then ruled that