Liar setup, so that changing a company's state-own

  • Jiaxizhenzuo to be taken to more than 1,400 square fits-all 21,279 square meters of land, the land cover in 1995 was planned as residential buildings, kindergartens and other civilian installations. After many setbacks, in 2003, Guangdong Overseas Construction Corporation from the investment in the Guangzhou City Land Bureau purchased here. However, due to the company and its subsidiaries develop the land places.

    2006, the two swindlers named Chen playing a piece of They forged a sale of land needed to filled for the original landlord owed the government money.

    Guangzhou Wang believed the new company, decided to acquire the land, to the Pay after the company discovered new macro deceived, but it was too late.

    2007 June,coach outlet online, two crooks are Baiyun District Court sentenced 12 years,coach outlet stores, but the parties to the company's false financial Bureau of Land Bureau, and nearly 15 million yuan, went so far refused to refund the two Councils,Coach Bags, which money has gone from being a liar's hand into a state-owned assets.

    complain complaint

    liability company into a shell court to terminate the execution

    it? October 2009, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of First Instance ruling that the macro is really acquainted with the new company,coach outlet store online, but The new company should be looking for both companies money. Hongxin Company believes that the first instance decision was wrong, appeals to the Guangdong Provincial High Court demands a retrial. Recently, the Guangdong Provincial High Court ruling upheld the conviction.

    commuted the road was blocked, while seeking to enforce the law are dead. The original, Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court recently made

    no ending

    Land Bureau sympathy macro new company wanted money back


    the case of the two companies said the agent, this debt is also on, the bureau or not to do land certificate, the land still can not be realized or developed, to not know when to consume.

    The official also said that they are sympathetic to the macro a new company, has pledged to refund, but must refund Finance Bureau, Finance Bureau does not agree they can not help.

    ■ Expert opinion

    commuted or mediation may make an inventory of land

    Legislative Affairs Office of Guangdong Provincial Government, deputy inspector, arbitrator Liang Guangyi Guangzhou Arbitration Commission that: According to the General Councils no legal basis to receive a macro error contribution of the new company and adhere to subside, constitutes a typical unjust enrichment.

    Liang Guangyi that there is an error on the applicable law, the court should dare to correct the injustice.

    Sun Yat-sen, who declined to be named Professor of Law, said that since the land idle for 15 years, the bureau does not recover, the people and looking forward to Gailou, there was a legitimate business of the company huge losses . The case should come forward to coordinate mediation by government departments in order to achieve the legislative intent to pursue justice.

    the professor said,coach outlet store, the land is now For example, presided over the mediation by the court,Coach Handbags, as the macro in the new company in a certain proportion of land shares, land auction, run back to the case section. Or through coordination, so that the land sold to South-day macro new company. In this way, either to resolve conflicts, but also revitalize the land and ultimately benefit the people.