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    Huruo Yu Xinhua News Agency Feature

    eastern Kentucky, Jackson, 11 shootings occurred, a middle-aged man shot dead his wife, stepdaughter and three neighbors, shot himself after .

    police preliminary investigation and witness statements revealed that the 47-year-old man with a domestic violence criminal record, shot before the attack, he and his wife quarrel, the cause is suspected of his wife's scrambled eggs do not hot enough.

    7-year-old girl for mercy escaped

    Kentucky police officer Jody Sims said, local time at 11:30 on the 11th or so, local police began to receive the alarm call , that Jackson is located in a suburban mobile home camp along the road by shooting occurred.

    assailant named Stanley Nice. Sims said that receiving the alarm about an hour later, police arrived on the scene heard a gunshot, and then in a mobile home porch the bodies found in Nice.

    Kentucky State Police provided the information, in addition to his wife, Sandra, the Nice also killed stepdaughter, Sandra R · Armstrong, a neighbor Dennis Turner, Tracey Sha Fu Gheit and Tami Kilbourne.

    rich Gheit's sister Xielianni Robinson said, Nice home in the rich Gheit killed her sister and nephew Turner. Kilborn is a witness, went to hear the chaos after the mobile homes occupied by the porch, was killed in Nice.

    Robinson said, Rich Nice,Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes, in the presence of 7-year-old daughter's face Gheit killed her, but this girl mercy.

    she said, the name of his niece for Nice said, to the neighbors, tell them, then neighbors alarm.

    not hot enough for his wife crazy egg

    Robinson said witnesses told her, according to Nice to find his wife Sandra did not like the taste of his fried eggs, suddenly furious.

    Sandra Robinson family fled to after living in mobile homes, Nice to catch up, shoot towards his wife. Robinson said Rich Nice, Southgate and Turner was immediately shot in an attempt to silence.

    Robinson said, Nice, hot? He went outside, he fired a shot towards Nice, but not hit.

    Smith said he saw a jeep chasing his wife around Nice,

    Smith said, living in Nice, finally walked back to his mobile home, sitting on the porch, muttering, and then put a gun to his head, pulled the trigger.

    killer has history of violence live in Mobile Home

    Robinson said she never felt a threat to neighbors Nice, but people know he has history of violence. Nice and his wife fight several times previously, once the police intervened to mediate.

    Kentucky State Police could not confirm Nice Sims now have a criminal record.

    Bradley Jackson, SEAT belongs to Miller County Prosecutor Brendan said he had previously dealt with Nice, but are non-violent nature of the transactions involved, a month ago, because of a Nice Zhang traffic tickets have been to his office.

    accident mobile home owners Carreras Ortega said the camp, the Department of Social Security disability benefits each month to send a check to Nice, Nice, but he did not know with what kind of disability.

    Las Ortega said, he had moved out reminders Nice,Christian Louboutin Slingback, Nice in recent months as more and more unfriendly to neighbors.

    mobile home camp, also known as trailer parks. U.S. low-income home buyers or those who were unable to pay the rent, where rent can only be dragged by the vehicle mobile homes.


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