Director of state-owned enterprises to go abroad t

  • Yesterday, reporter learned from the South Bank district court, ruling in the hospital in the New Year's Eve with the bribery case took the force of law. This pull-out from the bribery case with the state-owned executive scandal, Qijiang Gear Factory original four executives were dragged under the water.

    he twice accompanied with overseas director to

    According to court found against King Industrial Co.,coach handbags, Ltd. Chongqing (hereinafter referred to as gold against the company) from the scandal of solidarity with this . Gold against the company is Qijiang gear plant supplier, gold against the company was also charged with bribery units, the legal representative of the company's General Manager and Zhou bribery case has become a defendant.

    court found that from 2005 to 2009, Zhou gold dollar business in the business process, the name of the company to nine times when he Qijiang gear factory manager, the total Qijiang Gear Co., Ltd. Marina construction manager to send cash, dollar, real estate, computers, money, the total amount involved reached 109 million yuan.

    Zhou also hit two fly abroad to send U.S. dollars to build Marina experience. According to the testimony of Marina building that once he went to Las Vegas to attend a gear in the exhibition, Zhou knew, offered to accompany. To Las Vegas after week, and he lived together, and gave him 2000 yuan U.S. dollars as pocket money. Another time, going abroad to build Marina to Austria, after a week that knocks on your door, take the initiative to say To Austria, they still live together, weeks and give him 2000 yuan U.S. dollars.

    money to buy a house purchase Riverview Room No. given away

    to live in the Marina was built originally Qijiang. On one occasion, Zhou, and to build together Marina talked about housing problems. Weeks lost no time in

    According to the prosecution's evidence about his wife to Zhou's wife Marina was built in the main city showings, elected a new district in the northern river real estate. The estate was sold very hot, others purchased only from the room number,coach outlet online store, spent a lot of money. Marina construction to the satisfaction of feeling critically, Zhou began to pay back the principal wife,coach outlet store online, spent a total of more than 820,000 yuan on Monday.

    1.61 million received commissions sentenced to 12 years

    Court held that, gold against the company to seek illegitimate interests, in violation of state regulations, to the national staff of 273 million yuan of property constitute the unit of bribery and sentenced to a fine of $ 500,000. Meanwhile,Coach Outlet, gold against the company because of Zhou was directly responsible, but also constitute bribery. However, because of guilty plea and good attitude, in the consolidated other circumstances,coach outlet online, the final decision to sentence one year probation for one year.

    City Fifth Court verdict, to the Marina was built in 2002 and 2009, using their own gear as Qijiang factory manager, general manager of transmission Qijiang Gear Factory, Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Vice General Manager, received a total payment against the company, including commissions, including a total of 161 million yuan. Having taken into account some of Marina building initiative to explain the facts of the case, and relatives of his own case with the judiciary to recover most of stolen money, stolen property, guilty, repentant attitude is better, then the sentence of 12 years. Reporters Robinson



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