Refused renewal of family members of patients tran

  • □ correspondent Guo Zhiyuan

    Yesterday ,coach outlet online store, this newspaper published a A10 version of , respect the hospital side should take responsibility , to comply with expert advice as soon as possible referral treatment. Third People's Hospital of Zhengzhou City,Coach Outlet, said he hoped the two sides to resolve the matter through legal channels , and refused media interviews .

    aching. City Hospitals is known as the province's charity hospital , but the practice is now beneath their professional ethical standards ,

    attitude for City Hospitals ,coach outlet online, Mei Zhen Bao 's wife,coach outlet store online, Eileen Chang said it was expected, their Medical Services Shangke Chang said , take the legal means to resolve the matter right . And the day before yesterday was the case , they traveled to the hospital a number of leadership office ,coach handbags, did not see a person in charge , the duty officer to see their shadow , fleeing .

    Then she said is true it? To address this issue , Shangke Zhang willing to answer, the guidelines ask reporters to accounting computerization .党办Hospitals in the city , head phones informed staff that can not be interviewed by the media , any feedback .



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