Online selling exam questions and answers Civil Po

  • few days ago, Mr. Jiang received a text message the public: sale of the civil service exam test questions and answers, after the passage of payment. Leave message and phone number for contact qq number.

    national civil service exam is multiple provinces (municipalities) jointly held a unified examination time,coach outlet store online, a unified national civil service authority from the civil service proposition joint examination. Time of year exam on April 24.

    online say really so magical? Yesterday, the Chongqing Evening News,coach outlet online store, correspondent to the addition of the other candidates as qq number. The other claiming to be a Beijing examination authority, responsible for SMS, said the pass after payment. However,coach outlet online, Chongqing Evening News reporter yesterday related to each other about the situation, the other a direct say price tag: exam total cost of 3000 yuan one-time payment (at 20:00 on the 18th to send all the papers and answers); exam to pay half of the exam to pay half of the total cost of the 4000 yuan (ID ticket number I need to register. at 20 o'clock on the 18th to send all the papers and answers); the results after the payment by the total cost of 7000 yuan (ticket required to scan my real estate license and ID card video confirmation. at 20:00 on the 19th to send all the papers and answers).

    Chongqing Evening News reporter asked,coach handbags, Which District Beijing,Coach Outlet, the other replied: You: exam provinces, telephone, e-mail to receive papers. eighty-nine is a hoax. Questions how, only a genius to know that exam.

    his analysis, the other party do not want to show the true identity of a deliberate cover up. He said that this Internet thing called selling exam has a lot of people fooled, must be vigilant.

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