Two-headed baby girl has been living 27 days on se

  • Treatment of two-headed baby is a difficult issue exception.

    the subject of much attention, Yesterday, the Chongqing Evening News reporter learned from the Xinqiao Hospital, nearly two weeks, With the baby weight gain,coach outlet online, heart and lung has become increasingly bear its responsibility,coach outlet online store, has repeatedly dying.

    but they also create a miracle. Xinqiao Hospital, director of pediatric Zhao Congmin root description: >

    According to director of pediatric Zhaocong Min, the Zhao example, saying that around 11:20 the night of May 26, shortness of breath left child, right child, weak breathing, severe decline in oxygen saturation in vivo, just half an hour, baby body color purple, has been waiting in custody room doctors immediately rescue was carried out until 2 am, the sisters of the vital signs slowly improved.

    doctors said the baby weight, diet, breathing improved, its abnormal heart and lung capacity has been increasing, the baby resulting in pneumonia, breathing difficulties,coach handbags, heart failure and other adverse symptoms, have fever and other complications, moment of life is in danger.

    developmental abnormalities caused by cardiopulmonary load large

    Zhao said the biggest problem is the child's breathing problems and heart failure problems,coach outlet store online, although the baby has a lung and a half half heart, but the two severely deformed organ development. As long as a baby crying sound, will cause a sharp contraction of the lungs,Coach Outlet, and the other resources by the baby's breathing, Similarly, a normal heart pumps out blood per minute, about 500 ml, but to deal with two people, abnormal heart must pump out per minute 800 ml overload heart failure at any time.

    Zhao introduced to save the baby, the hospital invested nearly 200 million worth of rescue equipment, sophisticated technology: The first time the hospital purchased from Switzerland called blood control, reduce the baby to smoke every day 2 to 5 ml blood tests pain.

    Baby Born now has 27 days, and can survive up to now has been very easy.

    Chongqing Evening News reporter learned that, after careful examination, Experts said the two-headed baby is a big challenge to modern medicine, the next step is still the key to control the infection, and continued their lives to prevent them from hypoplasia caused by a variety of complications.

    at least one day in advance to prevent this undesirable situation from occurring. Therefore, the baby can not be 24 hours from the doctors and nurses of sight. Chongqing Evening News reporter Li Kui

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