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    now close to graduation, the majority of graduating students for internships and busy, and some people thinking about how to get through, playing a false idea. Reporters informed the investigation: Taobao,coach outlet online store, the hundred or so will be able to buy a practice or hospital authorities to prove. The school said that if it is found that training students to purchase fake, credits will be deducted and credited to the appropriate credit file.

    □ intern reporter Zhou Bin,Coach Outlet, Li Xiao Xi Yi Hao Jin

    phenomenon] [online shop selling a lot of practice to prove

    months, in order to get units of internship certificate, but a classmate of our homes, spend less than 100 yuan in Taobao bought a practice court to prove. but somewhat reluctantly called, told reporters, There are more than 30. The sale of

    reporter's inquiry found that the practice that the price of 50 yuan to 200 yuan. Products in the shop, the merchants have said: kind of practice that

    Reporters opened a claim The shop displays the information on the recent success of 12 has been trading, the remaining 1110 inventory. Reporters based shop to provide contact information and the owner made contact.

    owner said, is now close to graduation, proof of business practice to sell online is booming, he made fifty-six orders a day. He sent a message with the QQ, told reporters: ask how to get the hand seal, to avoid each other again, just kept saying: said that such a common practice that only 50, there is a more expensive,

    reporters that want to open an internship that a court of Kaifeng, the owner said they sealed their own internship proved dig 100 yuan on it, 包邮. mixed views

    buy online internship certificate for the issue, college students have their say. Kaifeng, a Chinese professional junior college students, a Zhaoxing said that next year he finished undergraduate think that something so senior year trying all the time to review homework. sense not to get the appropriate credit, but in practice the learning community experience for future employment services,coach handbags, so even in Taobao can be purchased easily on the internship that I would not buy the contrary, I will units down to find a favorite practice to practice. a teacher, told reporters that in recent years, many universities are no longer rigid units organized students to practice,coach outlet online, but the practice into the credit system. Some students may be in order to obtain credit, while the use of opportunistic approach to obtain the appropriate proof. Yan Li Xu, director of Zhengzhou Branch office, said: crime; if issued by a hospital, schools, training institutions and some evidence on the alleged crime of forgery seal institutions; if the internship certificate issued by some companies, it is suspected of the crime of forgery corporate seal,coach outlet store online, if the identification is true, then, Taobao the owner is liable for. 相关的主题文章: