Newborn baby boy that fell into the brazier contin

  • Fell into the brazier burns 60% of the male body, lying on the neonatal incubator for treatment.

    born just fell into the brazier, the body burns 60% of the depth of the well being of the baby, after surgery and skin burns, Xijing Hospital medical treatment seven days and nights well, yesterday, this is known as the world's first large-scale Burns newborn

    well-being of the baby

    just fell into the brazier was born in

    surgical intensive care units, medical face of the body 60% of the depth of the burn baby, all pity Tan Wan!

    always keep in the ward's father, Yu Mi baby mentioned newborn son fell into the brazier burns, will the now 31-year-old Yu Mi full of tears sad to say that he is Ankang Hanbin Shen Temple Nanba Village farmers, December 13 at 4 pm, more than nine months pregnant wife in labor began to appear harbinger of stomach ache, his family quickly sent his wife Shen Nanba hospitals. After examination the doctor said, his wife, delivery time about 11 o'clock in the evening. No heating because the town hospital, delivery room is particularly cold, Yu Mi begins to bring home a large brazier, after stoke the coke into the delivery room heating.

    Around 10:30 that night, his wife, stomach pain up again, the doctor immediately after inspection that the three fingers short of the cervix,Coach Outlet, not to the delivery time, he finished medical staff have to go outside, and the delivery room only one wife. About 20 minutes later, only to hear the Doctors rushed the child from the brazier in the hold up on the middle bed.

    Yu Mi said,coach outlet store online, because local hospitals are unable to treat,coach handbags, December 14 at 10 am, the doctor accompanying Shen Nanba hospitals, the child was taken to the Xijing Hospital.

    treatment 7 days

    30% of burn wound healing

    Zhou Qin carefully heating the box lying newborn baby boy bedding opened when I saw the baby body are wrapped gauze. Zhou Qin said at first the child to eat small amounts daily consumption of formula milk is only 20 ml, mainly by rehydration to maintain the energy, spirit of hospitalized children with significant improvement after three days, food intake greatly increased, and now eating formula every 40 ~ 60ml, day 500 ~ 600ml.

    Xijing Hospital burns and skin, according to deputy director of Dong Maolong about surgery, baby burn surface mainly in the back, as well as head, face, neck, chest, upper limbs, rear, lower limbs, in addition to the face , lower abdomen,coach outlet online store, leg, the rest were burned face, and covered with blisters of varying sizes, which should be part of the world's first large-scale burn neonatal clinical cases. Because of poor organ function in all infants, there is such a large area of ​​severe deep burns, treatment is extremely difficult, the child can occur at any time of shock,coach outlet online, hypothermia and respiratory, cardiac arrest and other dangerous conditions.

    Hu DH Burn and director of dermatologic surgery, said that at present, medical treatment after seven days and nights, after a wound dressing, anti-shock, anti-infection therapy, the child has survived the shock off, the body burn wound healing reached 30%, but because the baby is too small, the organ and immune function, infection and late complications is still a fatal threat to male factors, another 10 days, successfully survived the infection if the baby off, basically from the a life-threatening.

    people love

    send love models where the experts for consultation for burns after the baby, the hospital leadership has bought milk and a variety of baby products, came to the intensive care unit to visit a baby boy lying in incubator to his father, Yu Mi cadres and workers sent to the hospital donation a few thousand dollars love money.

    combined with many well-intentioned public hospital care and Xi'an, he believes his son will get better.

    text / correspondent Chao