Police positioning device installed on the motorcy

  • Survey: How do you see the police in locating device installed on the motorcycle for a thief to steal?

    within the police in Jiangsu, Jiangdu first name special police unit is a very sound team, there are countless honors in the body, is of Jiangsu Public Security of a business card. Over the past year, and then a number of style all their own Jiangdu special police combat crime and maintain law and order. One of the most strange of a move is meritorious service, the police have cracked more by this mode of car theft gang.

    □ correspondent Shen Gong Xuan

    Express correspondent words Section

    ministries and agencies: the Jiangdu special police unit to play a special report to the legal department of Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, they are going to do the consulting thing considered as a

    and elsewhere, Jiangdu theft of motorcycles and electric cars despite repeated prohibitions, criminals can be tens of seconds to hit the sea lock to the ride to go. Therefore, Jiangdu special police whim, bought a five civilian motorcycles, these vehicles can be installed in the GPS positioning system positioning.

    soon,coach outlet online, Provincial Public Security Department's response down the legal system: this is not a fishing law enforcement,coach outlet online store, does not violate the law. Reassured of the special police unit then Jiangdu will install a satellite positioning device to open five motorcycles on the street, Zhang Shenghu political commissar of them on a ride, and she will soon have

    , The bike is fast to drive on the highway, and has left Jiangdu, Yangzhou drove forward.

    With GPS, the thief who has been monitored in a special police, and soon, the police their car following them,coach outlet store online, and catch up with The bike on the road, the thief is excited to running all the way. Zhang Shenghu order not to arouse his suspicions, to find a way to track the group's lair. After closely tracking,coach handbags, special police were finally locked joint of the houses within the suburbs, Chuaimen into the room and found 13 stolen motorcycles and arrested two suspects.

    motorcycle since the end of September to carry out out the corresponding group without a fall. At present, eight stolen motorcycle gang planted above, and these motorcycle also scattered in the streets of Jiangdu, always waiting for the thieves right time.

    Currently, the special police of this approach Jiangdu,Coach Outlet, Yangzhou has been emulated elsewhere in the public security organs.

    surprising: how crime will not be found?

    in Jiangdu special police information, there is a word make it difficult to understand: No crime can be arrested, how?

    Zhang Shenghu with the cases cracked last year, explained: One day, one o'clock, three men and a woman from Guangxi, Guangdong, driving cars into Jiangdu license area, the special police patrol found the car soon suspicious: Jiangdu established a special police called According to reports, the special police patrol in charge of the area as laboratory analysis.

    who have cases in the body in the field,

    that three men returned to Guangxi things, SWAT team members start with a license to start with no problems, but banks around the action too suspicious, then came the special police checks, the results from the trunk of the vehicle found a sack of bank card

    The investigation, which is a credit card fraud gang, specializing in automated teller machine to get the camera installed on the bank card information, and then copy the withdrawals, crime footprints all over Hunan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Anhui and other places, only three days to succeed more than 240,000 yuan. Them to Jiangdu, it is prepared to continue to commit crimes.

    This is a typical human investigation.

    Reporters learned that undercover special police questioning is usually done with a few inventory: ask the other side open to determine the local or foreigners, with cotton to find out its basic origin, from which the event doubtful that further work. The methods of work has two purposes: First, to avoid disturbing the second is to avoid suspicious criminal elements.

    According to reports, daily Jiangdu special police in the streets of this inventory amounted to about two thousand people.

    addition to standing forces, special police will Jiangdu taxi drivers, development of manpower tricycle for his and establish a good social atmosphere of positive force. In the multiple measures, the incidence of cases Jiangdu controlled declining trend: in 2006 fell by 38.7%, down 9 percent in 2007, down 12.9% last year, greatly enhanced their sense of safety.



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