28 -year-old woman died in an underground car park

  • Saturday, sunny.

    east front of one unit of a residential two people and voices,coach outlet online store, they talk with her. Downstairs, the dark underground parking lot, she lay quietly in the corner,coach handbags, had no flavor.

    yesterday morning, her 28-year-old cleaner was found dead in the underground car park.

    young life suddenly disappeared, the cause of death is unknown, death place is not an anomaly ... ... all the mysteries, so that people feeling sorry for, but also become more confused.

    7:00 discovery cleaning uncle found her down in the parking lot

    7 am yesterday,Coach Outlet, the district is responsible for doing a clean yellow uncle, as usual, early one unit to two the first floor underground parking lot to do cleaning.

    since the weekend, to driving and parking are very few people, and this point in time, underground car park is very quiet, so still just listen to get underground water pipe in the water,coach outlet online, the flow of sound.

    When the uncle went to a trash can next to the yellow,coach outlet store online, the scene in front of his face pale, he gave good in cleaning tools, staggering ran out of the parking lot ... ...

    yellow uncle to see is a woman, this time, she quietly lay there, had no flavor.

    14:30 no blood on the scene back in the trash next to the

    1:00 pm, Tianfuzaobao reporters arrived. At this point the scene has been blocked by the police, the elevator is also labeled

    two cell door stood a lot of people, talking about the matter.

    14:30, the police left the scene, then entered the first floor Tianfuzaobao correspondent underground parking, this time the body has been removed. Go inside, you can see the right hand side of a trash can, trash can a few pieces of wood placed across the scene without any blood,

    At this point, the first floor of the elevator has been restored to normal operation from time to time people take the elevator downstairs.

    biggest doubt >>>

    parking lot has been cut off why she fell on the other side?

    in the first floor underground car park, half a car parking lot, half motorcycle, battery car parking. The two have been connected, in the middle is a locked door separated. Both sides of the entrance, located in two different directions.

    battery car she was riding to work, and parking the car just to go to the discharge side of bottle, why is the other side of the car in the parking lot was killed?

    is being followed, or looting? Or other reasons? All this mystery.

    Tianfuzaobao Reporters try to find out more residential property management office, the property management company staff was declined. At present, the police have to investigate the case.

    lifetime fragment >>>

    and father live at 5 am to go home the same day

    area residents, dead woman and living with his father, get through, so we came to see, I did not expect, people have gone. The girl did not see his father, colleagues subsequently left.

    Tianfuzaobao correspondent Huke She video reports

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