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    Yan Yuan is really the house, a detailed record of Zhong Kai photo

    Nanfang Daily reporter intern Kai Zhong Zhu Ting

    of $ 6,000 to purchase a face value of 19,500 yuan of pre-existing consumer card, rented furnishings company can become a member of Fortune, both card in September 2010, a

    subsequent 23 weeks, the Yuan Yan ICBC Peony card really stand to gain a total of 7627 yuan, Her children also have

    Today, Yuan Yan true

    heavily bait

    do a pre-existing consumer card, both card to shop, but also from the company received a substantial bonus, which is rented furnishings company's unique marketing wealth means, Yan Yuan really have become fans of the reasons

    HT35185, which is really wealth Yi Bai Yan Yuan member account. With the account number, password, login in total credit to 7627 yuan, the money, including company bonus, recommended members of the rake, etc.

    do a pre-existing consumer card, both card in the Bai's unique marketing tool, but also the Yuan Yan really have a reason for their fans. September 2010, who lives in Panyu District, Qinghe Road East area of ​​Yan Yuan Yi really get to know the

    in a shabby office, A water to really instill a lot of Yan Yuan's philosophy, pre-existing consumer card functions. Has over sixties Yan Yuan really do not understand e-commerce, on the , the dividend period of about three years, the total amount is substantial, a minimum of 2.3 times the face value of consumer cards, the highest face value for the consumer card three times. coveted 3-fold return on investment, Yuan Yan really tempted, out of their money, a subscription Zhang stored consumer card.

    wealth rented furnishings company to maximize returns, Yan Yuan really pick the most expensive diamond card that month, she received a two-week bonus, a sum of 401 yuan, a sum of 403 yuan. followed by 23 weeks, a sum of dividends after another arrival, Yan Yuan more convinced that their investment in real of the older lady, they do not understand dividends.

    a granny,coach handbags, she was carrying a family to do the card, her children that tasted the sweetness, and he is not far behind.

    people with cards, removable card, Yuan Yan really been trying to expand their downline, but the results still have not seen improvement, as of January 19, 2011, her Yan Yuan and I am really jealous of their 2.3 times, 2.5 times, 2.7 times, 3 times.

    do not recommend others to do the card member can only receive 2.3 times the dividend; recommend other people to do cards, but the total amount of spending less than 50,000 cards yuan, 2.5 times the dividend can be received; consumer cards totaling more than $ 50,000, less than 10 million,Coach Outlet, will receive 2.7 times the dividend; totaling more than $ 100,000 can receive up to 3 times the bonus. to buy a 19,500 yuan of stored consumer cards, and the dividend ratio, members recommended taking 100, income of at least $ 100,000.

    addition to the increased dividend rate of return,coach outlet online store, recommend other people to do cards, but also earn rake. drawn into the two components, rented furnishings company in accordance with the provisions of wealth, members directly pulled a can only receive In August 2008, rented furnishings stores first opened in Yongzhou in Yongzhou Lengshuitan an inconspicuous corner, but the opening day, the company invited the 12 poor students into college scene, to each funded $ 2,500. the behavior of donations to schools, rented furnishings to enhance the wealth of the company's image, its win over local residents to create the conditions.

    Thus, in order to make more money, start with a large number of members

    wealth rented furnishings member team has been growing, but the company Online Shopping Mall like wealth, rented furnishings company's main business.

    only three years, wealth rented furnishings supermarket chain expansion from Hunan to Guangdong, Guangxi, Liaoning and Sichuan provinces, with a chain between supermarket as a base, the number of members also rented furnishings wealth soared to hundreds of thousands.

    rapid expansion

    2008 年 8 28, the country's first supermarket in Yongzhou rented furnishings Opened the following three years, wealth rented furnishings break out of the company's supermarket chain in Hunan to Guangdong, Guangxi, Liaoning and Sichuan provinces to expand in key areas to be considered in Guangdong market, on to the provincial capital, down to the county are One Bai branches in Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Maoming and other places, wealth rented furnishings companies are very active. It is understood that the marketing around the rented furnishings stores roughly four strokes: use of public relations and publicity, keep an eye on the elderly, close to the residents community and focus on expanding affluent urban market.

    similar approach has also been introduced in Guangdong market in September 2010, Maoming, Guangdong region devastating flash flood, wealth rented furnishings company specializes in Maoming Xinyi branch organized a Disaster Relief fund-raising party. November 17, 2010,coach outlet store online, the letter should the local newspaper with a version of the soft paper reported this evening, rented furnishings companies have taken advantage of the wealth to win the goodwill of local people. Bai's another expansion strategy to improve the success rate of recruitment of members,coach outlet online, wealth rented furnishings company to abandon young people to learn about e-commerce, eyeing the elderly market, second and third tier urban markets.

    on the older people with second and third tier cities, residents have a common living area features --- and by the knowledge of the limitations of their online shopping, e-commerce know little about, to cheat their trust. and potential customers in order to shorten the distance between the wealth of rented furnishings chain of stores the company also placed as far as possible in the residential area near the company's staff took the initiative to recruit community members.

    Guangzhou for example, two branches located in Panyu District, Desheng Road, Desheng Plaza, located Baogang Road generosity Zhijie, the two are close to residential areas, as two positions, penetration into the life of the residents. With more than marketing , supplemented by high dividends, the company rented furnishings wealth total membership of 200,000 has.

    to high returns as bait to cheat mask, wealth is still rented furnishings company to do, dividends so that he has a trace of shake, but he rented furnishings company of wealth speculated that the company may be rented furnishings wealth pyramid organization.

    according to state regulations, pyramid schemes have three characteristics, including: the members directly or indirectly, to draw off the assembly line based on the number of terms for remuneration; requirements members to pay fees or to subscribe to pay the costs of goods, etc.; requires members to draw others to form a relationship off the assembly line, the following line is based on sales terms, payment of compensation.

    to match this requirement, the wealth rented furnishings companies do have .

    rented furnishings company, but the means of wealth and the traditional line income and other key elements for a two-tier encryption; the company's back office systems to servers located in Taiwan. these are evidence of the relevant departments to increase the difficulty.

    but to get rid of Bai companies still follow the traditional

    reporter then trace the their identity by ICP certificate number, the reporter check on the site is hosted by then went to open the office address on the website, Guangzhou Luoxi Metro City Plaza, Room 1507, Olympic Park, go to the destination, see but it is a food company, employees said, never heard of website.

    introduced, according to company brochures, rented furnishings of the head of wealth in the United States, Florida, registered capital of up to $ 30 million, but Yan Yuan really that wealth is actually rented furnishings of the head office in Yongzhou, called

    opened mask


    ○ encourage members to draw Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Maoming and other places are branches

    ○ According to the internal personnel,

    nationwide membership of over 20 million people

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