His wife was pulled over for driving violations be

  • The traffic police was beaten Kuitun Police Team Tan Tao. Asian Heart Network correspondent correspondent Pan Jiali Yu Ping photo ,coach handbags

    Asian Heart Network (Reporter correspondent Pan Jiali Yu Ping) an ordinary low-speed truck drivers onto the highway violations, traffic police check the car in case the two forced checkpoints do not say, After being pulled over, waving a fist with his wife,coach outlet online store, beat the traffic police waving steel pipes ... ... Currently, the couple has been sentenced to ten days administrative detention and fined $ 500.

    5 2, correspondents from the regional highway traffic police detachment Kuitun brigade learned that the incidents and took place in April 25 at 1 pm. At that time, Kuitun Police Team Tan Tao, Zheng Kui game in high-grade public Lu Kuixi overpass for safety checks on passing vehicles, stopped when the police want to stop running from east to west C0516X number of new trucks,coach outlet store online, the truck actually increase throttle drove west.

    police followed, statements and signaled the driver to stop honking, the driver stepped on the gas did not expect the rapid relaxation to the west. A few minutes later, in Wusu one kilometer west of the East Interchange, the police finally stopped the car to stop this.

    police approached the driver was asked to produce a driver's license, driving license, the driver said: washed down from the car suddenly a middle-aged women, facing the head of police Tan Tao is a palm, the Tan Tao hat knocked to the ground. Police rushed her to pull Zheng, middle-aged women tear and then another hit for Zheng,Coach Outlet, and head out to play the steel sleeve to go towards Zheng,coach outlet online, Zheng had to use arms to resist. Tan Tao fists hit the driver's face, to spit in his face.

    Seeing, Tan Tao, Zheng Huili about two uniforms, made a report to the brigade, brigade leaders then went to send police reinforcements to stop the two offenses, and they brought back brigade. The investigation, which they are husband and wife, in Kuitun brigade, They are still causing trouble. Kuitun brigade under the relevant provisions of the prominent drivers Yang, Ma Lin san impede the implementation of duties of the two offenses have imposed ten days of administrative detention and fined $ 500.

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