Drunk driving drivers cause breathing high concent

  • yesterday afternoon,coach outlet online store, Xiangshan traffic police seized a man drunk driving ,coach outlet online, blood alcohol concentrations as high as 530mg/100ml, drunk driving blood alcohol over six times . High concentrations , even breathing can not identify alcohol detector , creating a record of Ningbo .

    of course , to create a record of the consequences : only in a detention center for the New Year .

    Ningbo drunk driving record to be refreshed

    1 24 afternoon , the city traffic police squadron Dan Xiangshan police on duty in the streets of City Road and Elephant Dancy Xiangshan Road intersection set card check.

    when found in a car , the police found the driver Zhao covered in alcohol ,coach outlet, then its alcohol testing. Surprised that the police is breathing alcohol detector test several times , to display the results were not recognized.

    smell increasingly concentrated alcohol , the police immediately be brought to the Xiangshan First People's Hospital for blood testing. Results , Zhao blood alcohol content up to 530mg/100ml, far more than the drunken standard. thought that his wrong.

    original ,coach handbags, Zhao bad mood that day , before the went to the shop at the car , attached to drink three bottles of liquor .

    this data over alcoholism Deadline

    blood alcohol concentration of 530mg/100ml, in the end is what the concept ?

    alcohol when they heard this , the music director shouted incredible ,coach outlet store online, , there is alcoholism risk of death . 530mg/100ml,coach outlet store, much higher than the dead line recognized alcoholism .