Reporters investigate Qingdao public year-end awar

  • bonus of 5,000 yuan accounted for half of the

    people choose to the That is 100 people that year-end awards will not exceed 5,000 yuan,coach handbags, accounting for 50% of the total number of surveys. And the choice of

    Ma to work for four years, working at an advertising company, when he answered the questions,coach outlet store online, his face appeared out of touch faint expression. 3,000 yuan for three years has not changed over the year, although the price up badly, but the estimated year-end awards will be the same.

    status had less hair, but most people can only complain

    expect nearly half of them want to half of the total, 64 people chose .

    use disposable travel into the end of the year award best choice

    travel, save up and other options, although the number of options is not very different, but the choice of This part of many people is usually too busy, no time to travel the public.

    in answering this question, one respondent in the The respondents Lin, is an IT company staff. pay, write 'my wife' I do not feel ashamed.

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    gap between different industries end of the year award

    year-end financial and insurance industry awards really so high? Galaxy general manager of futures sales department of Qingdao large as that in the financial industry, the impact end of the year award two most important factors is the level and performance. newly established company since last year, distributed to staff late last year-end awards around the average is about seven or eight thousand, gradually this year's regular performance of the company also has a major breakthrough, it is expected that this year there will be a substantial increase in year-end awards, and strive to break through 5 digits. , a difference of two or three times is normal,coach outlet store, some employees will inevitably feel dissatisfied, and some even do resign, but from the other end of the year award in the form of this distribution also reflects the value of labor of employees, more workers and more too, so we try to make it so that the majority of staff satisfaction. did not just out of the pie, is the employee's normal income. end of the year award in the multi-sense will have an incentive to employees. Chinese people's hearts, especially year-end, there is always a desire to celebrate, so there is this reward, is a kind of instinct satisfaction; third, can be a self-comfort, usually not much could get our hands on wages However, there may tell their year-end bonus, so usually have a work force.

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    national year-end awards anecdotes

    made in Japan every year, made six months of award, year-end awards, every year in April will Zaifayici bonus, but not distributed to staff himself, but his wife sent to employees, known as the Japanese companies that his wife money is very important to urge their employees to better support his wife her husband's work.

    Belgian tax year-end awards of up to 55%

    Belgian blue-collar employees do not end bonus, white-end bonus is divided into two parts: the collective bonus and individual bonus. Each staff member has a collective bonus part is divided into five, etc., based on the performance of various departments to set. Individual performance bonuses based on individual assessment, points 8 and so on. After two comprehensive,coach outlet, everyone get dividends from low to high is divided into A,coach outlet online store, B, C, D, E,coach outlet online, F and so a total of six times. Belgium for the heavy end of the taxation of dividends, the tax rate is much higher than personal income tax, even as high as 55%.

    low-income people in France are holiday expenses

    France does not require to be made year-end bonus for civil servants, most of the years of the civil service payroll year-end bonus equivalent to 8% (slightly less one month salary). For the minimum