4 suspects in theft of truck diesel street parking

  • 19 -year-old often a 17 -year-old Pingmou , 20 -year-old Cassia oil Lingmou are Lintong street people ,coach outlet online, a 18 -year-old Muslim is the phase bridge and its neighboring people .

    Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Lintong Zhangjiang Chu Jieshao Interpol , said from the beginning of April this year , four men gathered together to steal some of the parked near the gas station or roadside in long-distance truck diesel.

    each crime ,coach handbags, they were driving a rented car, the 108 State Road Lintong to Weinan , Huaxian section to find the target . Inside the car trunk ,coach outlet online store, placed more than a dozen plastic barrels, capacity 20 liters per barrel . Night operations ,coach outlet store, they are at least four trucks to steal diesel fuel ,coach outlet store online, these plastic barrels full. Up time, they installed 16 barrels of diesel. Succeed , they will sell cheaper diesel overnight Weinan Linwei a farm vehicle Repair .

    4 19, receiving the owners report, the Public Security Bureau Lintong Zhang Wei, the Secretary instructed the Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately set up task force investigation. At 2:00 on the 22nd , Lingmou arrested. Subsequently,coach outlet, the remaining three suspects were arrested . On suspicion of theft , four person is Lintong Jingfangxingju. Police investigations revealed that this gang crime dozens of crazy , but large numbers of victims are not reported immediately, so we hope other victims of telephone contact ( ) Zhang police officers , and actively identified .