Fake eye drops cost one yuan were sold tens of dol

  • retail cost one yuan more than four dollars

    drugs currently on the market there are several forms of fraud, which, Dalian Food and Drug Administration Deputy Director Deng Xiaojian Drug inspectors introduced, one counterfeit well-known enterprises, famous brands of medicines are still prominent, the naked eye is difficult to identify the authenticity. Such as the Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Co. marked inspection, verification is difficult to identify its authenticity.

    Second,coach outlet store, the legal name of manufacturer, or theft of the legal approval of the text, such as: marking Zhangjiajie City Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. production of kinds of drugs. Marked four Chuantai music Pharmaceutical Co. of counterfeit drugs.

    third is the name invented by pharmaceutical manufacturers to deceive. Such as the fake Four varieties are similar to authentic Chinese Herbal Medicine posing, real ones. If used with the

    sell a box of fake drugs also constitute the crime of selling fake

    how these counterfeit drugs into the market? Zhao said, according to the regulations,coach handbags, wholesale, pharmaceutical sales agent, you must hold the relevant state agency issued the procedures, and pharmacy into the purchase of drugs, also have to issue a business license and other relevant certificates. chain pharmacies, pharmaceutical shelves uniform distribution by the Corporation, and head into the drug are directly linked with the brand pharmaceutical companies, independent pharmacies have the right to purchase the body, in which case, as long as the supplier to produce relevant materials, pharmacy and regardless of true and false, as long as the profits to purchase, in fact, those procedures are easy to fake, while some pharmacies, even in the supplier the case of incomplete procedures,coach outlet, but also an eye, close one eye. how much money they really sure medicines are several, if a drug price is too low, then there is certainly a problem. only in the interests of the face, they do not want to go into nothing. For the main medical institutions to implement these special sales of counterfeit or substandard drugs act, will serve as the production and sale of counterfeit or substandard drugs an accomplice in crime, convicted and punished according to law. Chinese Herbal Medicine for further regulate this market to provide a legal basis. Selling fake drugs has destroyed the national drug regulatory system, but also endanger the health and safety of human life, so long as the sale of fake drugs, regardless of quantity, no matter how much amount of money involved, even sell a box, regardless of whether patients with serious consequences , constitute the crime of selling fake drugs.

    Deng Xiaojian said that patients taking the Food and Drug Administration advised consumers in the process,coach outlet online store, deal with the product name, packaging, instructions, marking the approval number, production batch number, expiry and manufacturers to double-check,coach outlet online, be sure to ask for a formal sales documents. Guard against the name of free lectures, gifts, a volunteer signs, the actual selling counterfeit fraud,coach outlet store online, illegal advertisements and do not believe that mail order drugs, or without the State Food and Drug Administration approval to buy drugs on the internet site. If you have questions about the authenticity of drugs or drugs found to have quality problem, according to sales documents complaints to the local drug regulatory authorities to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Food and Drug Administration complaints, reports of phone: 84200000 or 96111.