Importance of Being Focused on your Doctorate

  • It always comes to the attention of most universities in the UK that the majority of their doctorate students do not finish their programs because of one thing, dissertations. They manage to meet all the other requirements on time apart from handing in their essays on time or of high quality. If you are studying or doing your doctorate under the UK education system, you will have to finish your paper. There is no shortcut to this as failure to hand it in; you will not graduate in your doctorate program. Depending on your experience as an essay writer it will determine in your writing and research skills. For most students, it is usually a new experience where they have never handled such a large assignment with much independence in their academic work.

    This is a piece of academic work that will help you to transition from a student to a scholar if you manage to finish writing. The view that is writing this report has is more of writing a book where you do not have any weekly deadlines, no reading assignments, no regular class discussions nor anyone telling you what to do. It is more of a self-directed process where you are the boss, and it is longer than what you are used to writing.



Does it look like a scam?