Is Wedding Blogging Dead?

  • The problem with Style Me Pretty is an additional indication that we're all accountable for our very own marketing so we can’t exclusively depend on 3rd party platforms to hold our business. No, but it’s certainly evolving and unpredictable, and it is safe to visualize your preferred blog most likely won’t last forever. Same with wedding blogging dead? It’s unfortunate Style Me Pretty goes away, but blogging is unquestionably an excellent industry and there are many blogs available just waiting to feature you. I can tell by my analytics this may not be true. Like a blogger myself, it frustrates me after i hear people say phrases like, “blogging is dead,” or “nobody is studying blogs any longer. Any vendor who put all their eggs within the Style Me Pretty basket is within an enormous amount of hurt at this time. It’s fine to possess goals, but make sure your marketing and business doesn't center around one singular goal or platform. Many wedding pros (and lots of brides) managed to get their life’s pursuit to be featured on Style Me Pretty. This is an opportunity to take a step back and check out your marketing strategies as well as your goals. Don’t assume things out on another panic over rumors and gossip. For those who have an issue or worry about your blog you like, just send an e-mail and speak with them! Blog proprietors are frequently easily approachable and accessible. Most blogs are operated by one individual or perhaps a small team. It’s remember this most wedding blogs aren't such as this. If I needed to make an informed guess, Style Me Pretty‘s demise evolved as the result of corporate restructuring.

    While Style Me Pretty might be “huge” to all of us, it possibly wasn’t making enough profit (or any profit) for that parent company to determine it as being something worth keeping around. Basically we are only able to speculate regarding the exact reason behind its closure, it’s remember this Style Me Pretty began like a small wedding blog produced and edited by one individual, but many lately was offered and grew to become a small a part of a significantly bigger corporation ( The problem with Style Me Pretty is really a complicated and different one. I totally comprehend the frustration, and that i hope I'm able to address (and calm) a number of individuals concerns here. In the end, if Style Me Pretty can shut lower and disappear, what’s to prevent that from happening with other blogs? Or possibly blogs will begin charging vendors for features to allow them to stay afloat. And wedding vendors are pondering if it is worth time to submit the work they do to blogs moving forward. A number of my wedding blogger buddies are becoming messages from worried vendors on their own preferred list - Are you currently closing too? The hysteria appears to become a whole lot worse the following day. Many wedding pros saw Style Me Pretty because the defacto standard of wedding marketing and frequently managed to get a job goal to become featured. Yesterday’s announcement concerning the shuttering of popular wedding blog Style Me Pretty sent shock waves with the community. The very best factor to complete is share the wedding board together with your planner and/or vendors (you may also invite these to collaborate and save suggestions to your board). love their Virginia heritage, as well as their wedding vision was centered first of all around Allie’s imagine being married at Plantation.



Does it look like a scam?