GEM country, so that overseas listing Quanzhou meet resistance shoe set off a new round of IPO fever again, nearly a hundred listing of shoe is brewing, and in preparing the impact of 42 companies on GEM, there 15 may be pre-empted.

With Anta, special steps, 361 degrees, Erke has in Hong Kong, Singapore-listed, the capital market as small shoe Quanzhou created a number of "grand international myth." Whatever "bad money" financing,north face outlet or focus on the brand, the listing of Quanzhou shoe, it is a long-term solution. Recently, Quanzhou Footwear Association to sources, plans are brewing Quanzhou shoe market there are nearly home.

According to the China Securities Regulatory Commission official, the GEM to open up this specialized financing channels for SMEs, has been preferred for overseas listing, but the policy of resistance is encountered Quanzhou shoe is undoubtedly good news. Because many of Quanzhou shoe are listed on GEM with the conditions. Case of overseas listing policy resistance.

GEM was launched in China to provide financing channels for SMEs. GEM regulations in effect on May 1 this year, was introduced by the industry high hopes.

GEM is relatively easy financing conditions, so a lot of Quanzhou shoe with the "red board" as well. At the cheap north face jackets same time, increase the resistance overseas listing policies also contributed to Quanzhou shoe will be eager to turn to venture capital board. Among them, Jordan, Kinglake, Del benefits, elegant birds, Xidelong, the United States and other famous grams regard Quanzhou shoe came in the listing within the next two years.

Statistics show that by the end of this year, Quanzhou shoe financing will total more than billion mark. Market, is no longer the big brands and large enterprises patent, the GEM for many small shoe Quanzhou leveraging funds to support the capital market, increased competition in the future competitive advantage, but also for "Quanzhou shoe plate" Game Capital market possible.