I think it fell to fitflop in singapore  a jade or ChangMingSuo or something. Don't want to is a very ordinary pieces one yuan coin, only in the middle of a mouth.My life, it can be said that the coin from the start. That year I 17 years old, had just attended the university entrance exam, idle at home, go to my sister play there. She was hired a clothing stall sells women's clothing, and business is good. That day she occupy to go out, I will help her KanTan. A few customers, I was busy, came a woman customer, in the 20 s and very rich, with she together coming is a middle-aged man. I will at once know they are having an affair. This kind of woman I was looked down upon and her deputy, the high horse, I want to get more averse, sent her go. But she will not go, seems intent on against me, and for a moment, let me get it for a moment, let me get that over a phone, the last one did not buy go.My heart this gas ah, one side in the heart to scold her by her side, collecting over a clothes. By this time, I find clothing neatly singapore fitflop  on a purse. I open on see,Inside put with a thick stack of money and a 30000 yuan passbook, must be the hate women. I first thought is: don't give her!I lost my hidden in the bottom clothes. Just hidden, the woman came in, she looked at me suspiciously, ask me see not to see her wallet. Start I have a little hesitant, see her that appearance, stretch said no heart. Her nose with a snort of, will begin looking for, I don't let, we quarreled. Then she went away.Look at her figure, I think still her return to her! But QiBuGuo again. I hesitated, put his hand in his pocket, just touch a coin, was just issued a new yuan coin soon, I have changed a medal. I think: simply flip a coin to decide! If the number on top, and returned to her! So, I cast COINS, results in the digital, I don't have to give her.Here, she stopped and looked at me and said: behind things, I think you already know. My admission to the university and judgment is issued at the same time, I went to Beijing university, but I have not qualified to go because I went into the prison.I always put the coin with me, every time I see it, I think: if we had I chose the other fitflops in singapore  side, what would thatYes, if I chose the other side, her life will be another side. But life can not be hypothesis.However, now I don't think so....... Even if the choice of the other, and the end, too, will make a similar mistake. Life is a lot of the crossing, in every corner, even before the best can seriously, careful choice also not be completely avoid making mistakes, how much more will give up the choice, fate to a gold small COINS!Life without draftWhen I was a child practice calligraphy, start I used to waste paper to write. Learn for a long time, but there has been no big info. Father's a calligrapher's friends say to my father: if you want your child to make the best of the paper to write, he might write better. my father called I according to the calligrapher's friend said to do, indeed as expected, before long, my word progress soon. Father very surprise, ask the calligrapher's friend. He XiaoErBuDa, only on paper wrote a force word. Father insight: this is let I pity for paper and force themselves to write good word.Indeed, ordinary day is always we inadvertently as a cheap waste, and blot out the bad tribe, always think longer, insipid waste and there are many. In fact, this attitude may make us every day and opportunity in France.Remember there is a proverb, that is:  if you want to cross the river, please throw the past hat. because your fitflop pietra singapore   hat has over there, you have no choice but to trying to cross the river.