This guide is intended for users with basic knowledge of Windows administration
The TeamLab portal includes:
● TeamLabSvc — the TeamLab portal core service. Designed for user processing and
portal configuration. It is also used to launch the TM Talk IM server. This service also
includes an embedded web server.
● Web Studio — a website where all products and modules are located.
● Additional auxiliary utilities.
Portal Compilation
1. Compile the source code with the help of the .bat file that can be found here:
2. Once the source code is compiled, the portal binary files will be located in the
_ci\deploy folder, TeamlabSvc can be found in the ci\deploy\service folder, and Web
Studio can be found in the _ci\deploy\web.studio folder.
Server System Requirements
MS .Net Framework 3.5 SP 1 must be installed
CPU: 1.7GHz or higher
RAM: 1Gb or higher
Operating System : Windows XP SP2 or later. If you plan to use the portal for simultaneous
work of more than 15-20 users, we recommend installing the portal on a computer/server with a server
OS (Win2003 or Win2008).
Deploying Portal on the Intranet
For a mid-size portal it will be sufficient to deploy it in its default configuration:
● DB : SQLite3
● Web Server : ASC embedded web server.
Suppose you'll need to deploy the portal on a computer named srv003 to the following folder:
c:\teamlab\. (these are just example names, so when performing the operation please use