My First Page

Manage Pages

  • Easy to browse pages using sorting and filter form
  • Overview pages details like title, view, date, owner, icons etc..
  • Mark page as Featured / Sticky
  • View / Edit / Delete pages

Global Settings

  • Public / Private permission setting for non-logged in user
  • Pre-Sorting setting allow Featured / Sticky pages with higher ranking
  • Configurable pages to show per page
  • Configurable Photo Gallery on page view page
  • Configurable Popular Tags
  • Configurable Recent Posted pages
  • Configurable browse display page details
  • Control various mode for Page View display blocks

Member Level Setting

  • Granularity and detailed permission control
  • Permission to view: no, yes and for owner only, all pages
  • Permission to create: no, yes
  • Permission to edit: no, owner only, all pages
  • Permission to delete: no, owner only, all pages
  • Permission to upload photos: no, yes
  • Permission to have custom script / style on pages
  • Auto mark as Featured / Sticky pages
  • Privacy for View / Comment options
  • Limit number of pages can be posted (quota)
  • HTML filtering supported

Category / Question Field

  • Easy to manage categories, edit, delete, move etc..
  • Support category descriptions for landing page display
  • Allow to add additional fields
  • Control customized fields to be search-able, displayable.

Page Details

  • Testing Field Cricket
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