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Begin your trip at Fortnite

  • September 17, 2018
    In the realm of fortnite weapons there really aren't that many items that have a really unique function. There are of course multiple harm dealing weapons, the majority of which have a few variants, many ways to heal and add shields and the three kinds of building materials. But now the Port-a-Fort is the sole item that will create you a construction pretty much instantly.

    On paper that sounds extremely helpful, and sometimes it may be, but more times than not we find them being used to annoy squadmates instead of for any strategic reason. With one Port-a-Fort taking up an whole stock slot this is pretty easy to justify, but even so the possibilities provided by the massive fort you'll have inside a second often outweigh the cost. We've spent hours playing around with the Port-a-Fort trying to obtain the ideal method to use it, and this is what we have learnt.

    Providing you've figured out that altering your building hotkeys in the very odd default of F1-F5 is your best idea on earth, you ought to be at least somewhat competent when it comes to construction in the middle of a battle. Even if we ignore the construct meta where highground is everything, having the ability to quickly build some protection with your stuff is the very best way of playingwith, and thus relying upon this Port-a-Fort you've got on your pocket should really be a last resort.

    Use the Port-a-Fort to get a much better strategic position, rather than to help save you in the center of a fight if you don't really need to. Putting it in a fantastic location in the subsequent stages will provide you a few good protection and a fantastic vantage point to pick those off remaining players. While fast throwing it down in a fight will give you a structure your opponent will immediately know how to ruin, and will leave you stranded in the top if you are against a duo or team who know how to play together. Stick to regular building for fights, and Port-a-Forts for better tactical positions.

    As with most shooters, highground is pretty important in the world of News about Game. It provides you better sightlines, makes enemies easier to spot and means that anybody that spots you is going to need to hit some good shots to bring you down. It really is something you ought to always be looking for, and that's even more true once you are seeking a good place to lay down your Port-a-Fort.