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FIFA 17 is Great after Demo Play

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    September 14, 2016 12:53 AM PDT

    FIFA 17 is the best Fifa has been in such a long time. I really mean that. If you haven't already, switch everything to Manual - passes work, through balls work, crosses work. Everything feels refined and better still, responsive (Pitchforks). Besides our site will provide fifa 17 ultimate team coins as FIFA 17 is coming soon. Now pay attention our website, as well as discounts surprises waiting for you.

    I played for a good hour, on various difficulty levels, finally going back to Fifa 16; I can safely say, in 17, the play flows perfectly. Whereas in 16, something out of your control will go wrong.

    Passes can be received in a professional manner (no stumbling). Passes have the correct power, reaching the right player. Crosses look and play accurately, and through balls (given the right opportunity) work seamless. Shooting feels perfect too.

    And Tackling, fuck, the Tackling - I can actually tackle effectively and gain possession. The opposition A.I needs to be altered - far too easy to read, and very, very oblivious to A.I player runs. Team A.I is better, noticing opportunities and what have you.

    I really like this, and I hope EA can make Fifa 17 just a little bit better in the Full Game, instead of the classic - drop everything good and ruin it. One more thing, it looks great and atmospheric.