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How to properly dispose of sensitive

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    December 19, 2017 11:56 PM PST

    Of course, if you set off the smoke alarm it will be far more noisy than a shredder. And if you burn the building down you would have to work outside and listen to traffic going by - that could be noisy too.

    How do others deal with such a situation?

    I worked at an 8-person startup. When we collected paper that needed to be shredded, the CEO took it home and shredded it there. You could take it anywhere a shredder is available (an office-services shop, home, whatever) and get it shredded pretty easily.

    Sure, I know it possible to de-shred documents, I just question whether the typical office has secrets valuable to make it worth the effort (and arranging and scanning thousands of page fragments is still quite labor intensive), when if a attacker is willing to physically target business, there are many other ways to get at its secrets that take much less effort and are more likely to yield results. For those that do have secrets that valuable, they had better already have a security officer to tell them how to securely dispose of documents, like using a hammermill style disintegrator Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online.


    Apr 17 '16 at 13:27

    The usual solution is to hire a professional disposal contractor to turn up with a shredding truck Free Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes, and not only shred all the records while you watch if necessary, but provide a signed log evidencing that (which can be essential for certain types of documentation.)

    In an emergency your solution works, but is not as safe or clean. If you have a wood fired boiler at work that can be a better option, or as more and more companies go 'green' many are installing biomass converters which can cope with paper along with other organics.

    You're heard "buy a shredder" Newport Cigarettes Carton Price. Buy one. Good ones are not as noisy as you think, I have one I blagged off ebay and while it would make a noise that would disturb someone if they were working, you'd have to really go shred a thousand pages, one at a time, before they set on you. Besides, you can put it out of the way or use it out of hours.

    Bear in mind that burning can be not as reliable as you think: if you are not taking care to burn each page slowly, and try to burn a lot of pages at once in a metal can, you will find that much of the paper does not burn away - it will float away in the hot thermal draughts, it will leave behind half-burned pages.

    But the best way to get rid of paper is water. Water will easily turn a book into a pulpy mass of fibres given a bit of time and some stirring. This is probably the best approach, particularly if you've shredded the pages first (or even just torn them into strips). Put them in a bucket and wait for them to fall apart. Bonus if you make new paper out of the mulch!

    If shredding is something you don't do very often, the shredding jobs are not too big when you get them, and you don't need cross cut shredding, then you might consider a hand operated shredder. I have one for home use and, in my experience, it is easy to operate and doesn't make nearly as much noise as an electromechanical shredder. On the other hand, I have found that I must be careful to avoid shredding too many sheets at once - two or three sheets thick is about the maximum mine will take. So, sound-wise, the noise you make won't be as loud, but will last longer. Not great when the SWAT team are trying to bust through the door and the secretary and CEO are trying to hold it closed and wedge a chair under the handle while the wood around the lock is starting to splinter. And the helicopters are making a racket outside making it hard to concentrate. The VP has soiled himself and is running around like the end of the World has come etc,.

    For small and rare occasions, burning the documents in anything metal or ceramic is a reasonable thing to do if you're pressed for time Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes. Use common sense in terms of fire safety. Flush or crush the ashes.

    You're already standing in front of a toilet, trying to burn paper without burning yourself or setting anything else on fire. Skip the fire smoke, and resulting danger of injury damage, and just rip up a sheet into smaller "poo-sized" pieces and drop them right in the toilet. You could even wait for the paper to start to dissolve, then flush them down. A few extra flushes is even cheaper than buying a real shredder.

    If your sewer pipes are particularly clogg-able, then do what several answers on this similar Q on the Lifehacks stackexchange How to shred papers/letters without using a shredder machine suggest and use a bucket of water, possibly adding salt or vinegar, and using a paint mixer (or egg beaters) to really liquify the paper. That would be even more secure than a regular shredder's pieces that could conceivably still be read.

    There are tons of solid physical objects that survive the trip through sewer pipes without clogging them to be found at the sewage treatment plant. Some of the things that have been recovered from a sewage treatment plant in England include false teeth Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, mobile phones, USB drives, plastic toy figurines, credit cards, golf balls, hair rollers, spoons, watches. just about anything that fits in a pipe.

    Honestly, if you were doing this the right way you wouldn't be anywhere near a toilet in the first place, and definitely wouldn't involve fire. This is safest way to do something wrong.

    Actually, regular paper shredders may not be as safe as generally assumed, not just from a Mission Impossible movie reconstrucing some shredded documents. While the water and the stick will break the papers into pieces the bleach will remove the ink from the papers making it absolutely impossible for others to recover the text.

    Shredded papers can be pieced together back like a puzzle and burned papers can be also salvaged if not properly burned and destroyed. It was probably faster way to destroy large quantities of papers than shredding them. Pour the liquid to the sewers and throw the remains to the bin.
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