What happens if the result of match was found wrong after the match day?

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Consider a situation where Team A and Team B are playing a cricket match,

Team A scored some odd runs (lets assume 250 runs).

Team B is chasing the score, while chasing they require 2 runs from a ball. Bowler bowls the ball Umpire somehow declare it as a NO ball and batsman is able to take only single run from that ball in this case the Team B wins the match because of that NO ball.

Now my question is after a day of the match Team A checks the replays and finds it was not a NO ball or it was not appropriate to say that ball was not legal to be bowled and if that is considered the result should have been tie instead of Team B winning the match, will the result can be changed on the appeal from Team A?

Does they have any right to ask for or report for the same?

If yes then is there any team who have done like this in Cricket History?