Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

  • Posted by Frank Curtis
  • December 12, 2016 10:59 PM PST

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins: Military Coins to Honor Policemen


Haven’t you been feeling safer while driving back home in the wee hours quite lately? Your kids are able to play on the streets without fearing any strange encounter. What do you think is making you feel less scared and sleep better at nights? The most definitive answer would be the never ending service of our policemen. They have been toiling hard to provide the maximum protection to you and to punish the wrongdoers. Any gesture to thank them for their commendable services wouldn’t suffice our gratitude; however honoring them with Law Enforcement Challenge Coins with their rank embossed on it could be the first and the most dignified way to respect them. Apart from giving them such coins to acknowledge their achievements, they are exchanged to recognize policemen exchange program among various departments.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins is a manufacturer and online store of custom made challenge coins. If you want a specially designed challenge coin, you can easily contact their graphic designer and get your logo & insignia embossed in the most creative way. Law Enforcement Challenge Coins are manufactured with top quality metal that has a water resistant and sturdy exterior. The emblem and font size on the coin is such that the rank could be easily identifiable from a distance. The procedure to get your challenge coins customized begins with a requesting a free quote online by filling a bunch of details. This will be succeeded by an order confirmation and an impeccable graphic design of how your coin would look like. If you feel satisfied with the design and the price quote, you may decide to seal the deal. You can choose any size and their number depending on your requirement. Different types of edges like cross cut edge, spur edge and rope edge can give your coins a unique look.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins , apart from manufacturing challenge coins, specializes in bottle openers, dog tags and medallions as well. The online store has a comprehensive pricing policy according to the level of customization you require. Their production is quick ensuring speedy delivery within 8-10 working days.

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