Brit Party Leader Splits With Girlfriend After Her Shocking Remarks About Meghan Markle

  • Posted by Alisa Lee
  • January 15, 2018 11:25 PM PST

The split followed an uproar over Facebook messages Marney sent to a friend about Markle, who will marry Newport Cigarettes Price this spring. Marney described Markle as a “dumb little commoner,” and called black people “ugly.” She also said Markle would “taint” the royal family and pave the way for a “black king.” When a person responded to the comments by calling them racist, Marney answered: “Marlboro Cigarettes Price ?” the BBC reported. On Sunday, Marney told The Daily Mail that she was sorry for the Cigarette Tobacco For Sale comments, then added that her words had been ‘‘taken completely out of context.’’ Bolton said he only began a relationship with Marney in December and was unaware of the messages. Marney’s membership in UKIP has also been suspended “pending an investigation,” said Bolton. It’s “against the constitution of the party to be racist in any way,” Bolton told “Good Morning Britain.”



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