5 -year-old girl to beg for grandparents received

  • who work for many years , Lee died of electric shock , unfortunately ,coach store outlet, Lee 's parents to get nearly 200,000 compensation , because of fears daughter remarried granddaughter is not available, the elderly do not want the money out . Learned yesterday ,coach outlet store, the court mediation, 5 -year-old girl share of 80,000 yuan compensation.

    Qing Xianfeng Town of Lee , who lives in the same town with the young women met while working text of a love and cohabitation ,coach outlet store online, November 5,Coach Handbags, 2005 birth of a daughter. September 27,coach purses, 2007 , Lee died of electric shock , unfortunately . Units of various types of losses in their 195,000 yuan compensation ,coach online outlet, the money one parent assigned to Lee account . Split the text of a requirement which Shique was rejected , after unsuccessful mediation by the authorities , the text as a legal representative will be sued by the daughter Xianfeng People's Court .

    judge presided over both the pre-trial mediation. Lee remarried parents worried that after the text of a granddaughter of the entitlement to the money away , no one is raising his granddaughter , only agreed to split part of the rest are still kept by themselves for the granddaughter . The text of a daughter was worried about was the money if not for their own care , will probably not forthcoming .