Park is not completed ten years of idle land to bu

  • Park built on the land more than 80 shops.
    Songping Park corner of the door was rented to do the barbecue.

    Yesterday, the According to readers broke the news, reporter yesterday that the investigation in 1999, started the Songping Hill Park, was built in the Eastern Group 88 shop premises, an annual fee of about 300 million in rental and management fee.

    Park rental shop building was abandoned for profit

    Technology Park, Nanshan District, high cost of land land. Around living, working with tens of thousands of residents, but not a And an area of ​​about 80,000 square meters of land was abandoned there, here a decade ago the original planning and construction Songping Park, but to start building soon suspended.

    Today, Songpingshan park overgrown with weeds, construction debris, garbage was dumped at random.

    the northeast corner of the park a few hundred square meters of space was leased into a roller skating rink. Not far away there is an open-air waste collection stations, reporters, a dozen scavengers pulling small carts to sell scrap here. Anywhere close to the waste piling up, smell the smell, mosquitoes fly.

    one week surname residents told reporters, roller skating rink business day into the night,coach outlet store online, playing rock and roll songs sound was deafening,Coach Handbags, so that they can not properly rest. Here frequent fights, great security risks, many complaints but could not see banned. He said the park was leased to the Eastern Group business operating for many years,coach outlet stores, the monthly rent ranges from 2,000 to the million, just park this one, every year hundreds of thousands in revenue.

    annual rent, management fee of about 300 million yuan

    side, north side, simple construction of the shops are lined up, large and small, a total of 88 tiles, all being in business. Some shops will also remove the back wall to expand the retail space.

    correspondent random walk into a shop, the shop owner told reporters that paved a few years ago from the Eastern Group leased, had to pay 17,000 yuan deposit, monthly rent of 2,800 yuan, 100 yuan management fee. She also said that more than 80 appearances according to the size, rent ranging in 2000-3500 yuan management fee from 70 yuan to 100 yuan. Park outside the gate east of a studio space of less than 20 square as the owner said: shops, Eastern Group took the rental back more than 100 million initial deposit. Average of 2,500 yuan each month rent calculation, the annual rental income on only 264 million management fee is 10 million yuan. This calculation,coach outlet online, Eastern Group will idle Songping Park With park rental income, the Eastern Group revenue each year from Songping Park about 300 million yuan.

    correspondents is to understand the main retail shop is not within the red line in the park, etc., who claimed the eastern group of middle-aged man of property staff came riding a motorcycle. He told reporters: Pingshan community station owners Qiu Zhiwei understand Songping Park building history. He explained that the open space has long been planning for the community's public leisure facilities, and from 1999 began to build Songping Hill Park, east by the Shenzhen Development (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Eastern Group) is responsible for construction and management of the eastern repaired a main road in the Park Group and a large pool, you stop the construction.

    according to his understanding, the Eastern Group to stop the construction Songping Park because it was because the introduction of free admission park in Shenzhen and other reasons, see no profit in the case of the eastern group failed to by planning to complete the construction of Songping Park, causing the land Luandaluanjian and dirty and messy in a very serious problem.

    In recent years, Nanshan District, to recover the park construction, management, re-park to improve the surrounding environment, but because Songping Park earlier placed under the management of the construction of the Eastern Group, Eastern Group for the construction of the initial investment cost issues with city approved Bureau of Land and Real Estate, Nanshan District Urban Management Bureau does not agree, leading the Eastern Group has been reluctant to park construction and management authority over to the Nanshan District Government.

    repeated coordination,coach outlet store, April 2009, the bureau was approved by the park pre-construction Songping compensation of 920 million, the Eastern Group has initially agreed to the compensation plan, Nanshan District, said to compensation to be disbursed immediately after the transfer of park construction, management and related information. I wonder why the scheduled end of last year following the transfer of work has not, to date,Coach Bags, Songping Park building still see movement, the construction of park land occupied by more than 80 temporary buildings, but also has not been relocated.

    take Songping Park open space to build more than 80 shops do?