Girl who locked themselves inside the family trage

  • Metropolis Daily News ( special correspondent Chu -yu ) 28 years old, this is the girl's age; 14 years ,Coach Handbags, girls stay home this time . In order to let her out of the house , local users , community leaders , hospital enthusiasts have given their love .

    Lily , who lives in Jingmen gold shrimp River community . 14 years ago , because of family tragedies , Lily mental depression , has locked himself in the 10 -square-meter room . That hurdle, that is exactly 14 years. Not long ago, Lily 's face was sent to local users on the forum , immediately attracted wide attention .

    day before yesterday , on behalf of Jingmen users to Lily 's home, sent donated 5610 dollars . Lily 81 -year-old father received donations of caring people , and I feel difficult to calm .

    afternoon, Jingmen Third People's Hospital Mental Health Center 's doctors came to the Lily family , hope to the hospital she received symptomatic treatment , but do not want Lily to stay in bed and out . After doctors,coach outlet online, community volunteers and friends of the repeated persuasion ,coach outlet store, Lily has finally been persuaded . Huanhaoyifu ,Coach Bags, the Lily of everyone 's help,coach outlet stores, has taken 14 years did not cross the door .

    three stairs ,coach outlet store online, Lily go a full twenty minutes , her walk and see the scene outside the house , a bit not used to the side of community volunteers and friends have been in the comfort and encouragement. a lot.

    now , Lily is the local hospital for psychological treatment and rehabilitation professional .

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