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  • Town District, said the person responsible, in the past the yard is not called the nursing home, then called the happy homes, living alone and the surrounding Orphans are concentrated here. Spring of 1965, an orphan who grew up in the courtyard Sun happiness into the music, the blessings of living alone in the yard sound, and a year older than he is happy with the hospital orphans Liu Qiaozhen became man and wife. Soon, happy homes to be dissolved, the courtyard of the lonely elderly and orphans had nobody to eat and drink. This barrier, take up the Sun into the music for these elderly couples pension nail in the coffin of the task,Christian Louboutin Sneakers, they honor their parents as the elderly, the orphans around all sorts of love as their own.

    arduous couple of ordinary people unbearable. 20 people eat a day, a pot of steamed bread a day, pick a tank of water a day to wash a pile of clothes, carrying water to the Yellow River to the next pick Doi kilometers away. Feet hit the Xuepao, hand grind the calluses in the evening covered the same as the bulk of the aircraft, but can not sleep, but also look after old people drinking, shouting orphan pee.

    care for the elderly and children, into music, Sun Zaikuzailei couple can tolerate it, but so many people so that they can eat and drink problems are most distressed. At one time, the nursing home without any outside help, thanks to their self-reliance. 1970 Winter Sun into the music so that the Yellow River Road north of the village some barren flood land, where the easy care close to home. And his wife, after discussions, he decided to reclaim abandoned fields to support their family. Dense high grass, the couple dug and grilled, a day also able to open more than one square meter, but they are open a little bit, it has maintained to 1976, out of 36 acres of reclaimed land. That year, they are self-cultivated land planted with sorghum raised the red rice, corn,Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes, soybean harvest.

    food enough to eat from the virgin soil to plant, no money went to the Yellow River Network elderly doctor fish to sell, do everything possible to ensure the Sun into a happy couple and the orphans of the health of the elderly.

    Jiazhaizhen Home of the person in charge said that the current town a total of 444 living alone, mostly in the town two other nursing home, two nursing home in accordance with national policies, government investment founded, facilities are complete. As the Sun is also into music a couple Nearly seventy, I also need to take care of them, so the town did not give them to arrange one. This family-style nursing home, they love big good witness.

    48 years, the Sun into the music a couple of 49 elderly and 36 adopted orphans, to families as they bid farewell to the 41 elderly people. Today, the Sun into the music of the nursing home where there are eight elderly people and a 4-year-old orphan. Sun into their music and their three children live together, old and small,yves saint laurent pumps, enjoyable.

    Sun into the music, I was an orphan, growing up is not easy. I know better than the common hardships of life, but also know the plight of a pair of warm hands, know how to forget drinking water wells were.


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